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Women’s Health Care: Yoga for Life!

Women's Healthcare: Yoga for Life!

If you want to establish and maintain a healthy life, then think about trying out yoga for your next workout session.

For years yoga has been known as a balanced and beneficial workout regime. It not only fulfills the physical needs of our body but also establishes a healthy and balanced mental state for the practicer.

Yoga, unlike other cardio and heavy workouts, is a regime with much flexibility. The positions used in a session can be altered and chosen according to the ability, age and requirement of the yogi.

Here are just some of the many types of yoga regimes that are practiced all over the world:-

  • Anasura:

This is a purist form of yoga with a sense of humor. Its heartfelt and accepting and allows everyone to express their poses in the way they want to, therefore its quite a basic yoga, good for beginners.

  • Ashtanga:

This is a form of yoga that consists of 6 established strenous poses. Ashtangis move rapidly through these prescribed poses. This type of yoga is very beneficial for people who want to lose weight quickly. It also appeals to driven, intense people, for example owners of companies and businesses.

  • Bikram:

This type of yoga consists of 26 different yoga poses that are all done in a sauna. This type of yoga greatly increases flexibility, and is great for weight loss. A single session of Bikram can help you to lose 350-600 calories.

  • Hatha:

This is a type of yoga that consists of practically all the yoga positions on the face of this earth. It can be practiced by almost everyone, beginners, pros and people who are looking to gain all the benefits of yoga.

  • Iyengar:

In this type of yoga different types of props are used to help the yogi to create proper positions of the yogi. Props such as incline boards, straps and harnesses are used. This is also called ‘furniture yoga’, because it can easily be done at home using various furniture. This type of yoga is for people of all ages and it works all parts of the body for a complete workout.

These are just some of the various types of yoga. But yoga is a very personal type of workout. You can incorporate different poses that you like into your regime and omit others that you don’t like. Mix and match various poses and choose the ones that fit you and your body best, and enjoy your workout session!

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