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EYE Care: Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy in Changing Weather

Eye Care

Changing weather calls for many allergies and issues for our eyes. In the shifting of weather, you need to take special care of your eyes, as they are delicate and sensitive. Protect your vision in this season and take care of your eye health by following these helpful tips.Eyes Tips

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Sanitize Your HandsSanitize Hands

Rubbing eyes can cause serious problems, especially when your hands are not clean. To stay healthy, wash your hands properly and if possible sanitize them after coming back from school or work. Avoid touching your eyes to stay away from the flu and eye-related illnesses such as pink eyes and conjunctivitis.[contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png]

Don’t Ditch Your SunglassesYour Sunglasses

As the season is changing, don’t forget your sunglasses to take along with you. Your sun shades are the shield for your eye. Keep wearing your glasses to protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays. Too much heat can also result in capillary rupture and eye irritation and no other way is better to avoid them than to keep rocking your sun gears on.

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Don’t Miss Out Your Eye Exams Your Eye Exams

The periodic vision screenings and eye exams are important for both children and adults. Before getting back to schools, children should also go for comprehensive eye exam.[contentblock id=3 img=adsense.png]

Eye Safety is MustEye Safety

Eye safety and protection is must even in the daily routine tasks. Always remember to wear eye protection while cleaning, working in the kitchen or garage, or doing yard work. Believe it or not, but half of the eye injuries usually occur while performing the usual household chores. With the use of eye protection, almost 90% of these injuries can be prevented.

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