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DIY Clothing Projects To Try

Summer is finally here. The weather outside is getting too hot for any activity out of the home. That makes it the best time to finally reorganize your closet and take away all the clothes that you don’t wear anymore.

Among all those pieces of clothes that you keep in the closet you can find tons of them that are not usable anymore. Or, at least not in their original size and shape.

You may have lost some weight in the last few years, so you can have many clothes that don’t fit your body shape now.

Take everything out of the closet and make space for new clothes. Just, don’t throw all the oversized clothes away, because you can easily repurpose them in new fitting clothes. It is time to try out some DIY clothing projects.

Scroll down the page to see these inspiring DIY clothing projects that you can make out of oversized cloths. You will definitely like them as they are all so easy to be done. And, what is even better you don’t need to say goodbye forever to some of your most favorite pieces that don’t fit your body anymore.

Some of these DIY clothing projects won’t even require you any sewing skills, as you can only use your belt and voila, you get your new fitting dress, for example. For the others, that will require some basic sewing skills, we recommend you to read our article about some basic sewing skills for beginners.

Now, check out the following DIY clothing projects to transform your oversize clothes into new versatile pieces.

DIY crop tops

Crop tops are some of the most favorite pieces in your summer closet. They look good on your new slimmer body and keep you comfortable and cold during summer warmness. And, the best about the DIY crop tops project is that the only tools that you will need are scissors.

Take the scissors and snip, snip and cut the old T-shirts down to crop tops. Now you have multiple crop tops to style different summer outfits perfect for nights out or walks around.

Belt the waist!

If you are not a fan of using scissors, don’t worry at all. Here is an no scissors and no sewing DIY clothing project perfect for you. Just take a belt out of your closet and belt your waist with it. Voila, you are now having a fitting belted tunic. Use some narrow leather belt to put the accent on the waist.

Baggy jeans

Do you have some old jeans that you don’ t want to throw away at all? If they still fit you in the waist them you can still wear them as a pair of baggy jeans with a defining belt and vest.

But, if it is simply falling off your hips, then you have no other choice than taking them to the tailor. Or, to use your sewing skills and do the job on your own! Transform your baggy jeans into denim dungaree dress or into sexy fitting shorts.

Belt the dress!

You don’t need to say goodbye to your old dresses just because they look like you are wearing a sack in them. You can still use your dresses made of flowy fabric, by cinching the dress around the waist using a belt.

Easy and very usable way to get a perfectly fitting dress that puts accent on your waist, without having to cut or sew anything. You are already in love with these easy and fun DIY clothing projects, aren’t you?

DIY a fitting dress out of a baggy dress

You can easily transform your old baggy dress into a dress fitting perfectly to your body. In order to achieve it, you can take the baggy dress to your tailor or you can DIY at home.

Just don’t forget to bring a well-fitting dress of same cut to use as a model to stitch the seams of the baggy dress accordingly. Once you try the dress and check if it is fitting you well, you can snip off the excess of the fabric from the inside.

DIY sleeveless tops

It is definitely so difficult to make the oversized sleeves fit your slimmer body. That is why you need to try cut all the sleeves and create sleeveless tops from the old oversized sleeves tops. Your defined arms deserve to be shown off, so don’t miss to try this no sewing DIY clothing project.

DIY a draw-string skirt

Do you have some old skirt whose elastic band is loose enough to not be wearable anymore? Well, here are the good news! You can now easily transform it into a draw-string skirt by removing the elastic altogether. Just do not forget to wear your top untucked so to cover the waist.

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