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7 Must Do Facial Exercises

We often hear that in order to have good health, we must eat a well balanced diet and exercise regularly. When the word exercise comes to our mind, we often think of running, jogging, working with weights, gym schedule and the likes. One extremely neglected category of exercise is facial exercises which are extremely important to look young and tone your face and neck. Listed here are some must do facial exercises. Read on to know how you can perform these exercises by sitting in the comfort of your house.

1. Sit straight and look at the ceiling. Keep your lips closed and pretend like you are chewing something. Repeat it 15-20 times. This will exercise your neck and throat muscles and will help to tone them.

2. To tone the area of your forehead, sit straight and raise your eyebrows. But at the same time, use your index finger to gently pull them down. So you are raising your eyebrows and at the same time, you are applying a gentle force to pull them down with your index finger. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

3. For exercising your cheeks, sit with your head back. Place your fingers gently on your cheeks. Now give a very generous smile which will raise your cheeks. But at the same time, apply a gentle force with your fingers to bring down the cheeks. The principle of this exercise is same as mentioned in the above exercise. Repeat it 10-15 times for firmer cheeks.

4. Sit straight and make an “O” with your lips. Do it properly and open your mouth as much as possible to make a big O. Now from this position, try to give your beautiful smile so that the corners of your mouth move up towards your cheeks. Hold it for few seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

5. Sit straight and look at the ceiling. Keep your lips closed and move your lips as if you are trying to give a hard kiss to the ceiling. Retain this puckered lips stance for few seconds. Relax. Repeat for 5-10 times.

6. Sit straight and look up. Let your tongue come out as much as possible, like you are trying to reach your chin. Hold this position. Relax and repeat for 5-10 times.

7. Sit straight and look up. Now bring your lower lip onto your top lip, stretch it and try to bring it up as much as possible. Hold this position. Relax. Repeat for 5-10 times.

Do these exercises regularly and you’ll see the difference yourself!

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