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5 Ways to Make Nails Dry Faster

Sometimes you just cannot afford to sit and hold up your fingers in the hope that the nail polish will dry off eventually. Some situations need you to make your nails dry faster, and so here we are with some tips to help you during such times.

1. Quick Dry Nail Spray

Buy one of the quick dry nail spray available in the market, and spray them on top of your nail polish whenever you need your nails to dry faster. These nails sprays are affordable and extremely easy to use as they come with instructions booklet.

2. Quick-Dry Clear Nail Polish

Some of you might have a habit of applying clear nail polish as the last coat over your nail polish. Well, use quick-dry clear nail polish in this case so as to help your nails dry faster. When you apply quick-dry clear nail polish as the last coat, not only will your nails shine but also they will dry in a fraction of second!

3. Coating

It is best to apply two coats of nail polish for it to stay for longer durations. However, if you apply very thick coats, the drying time will increase. So, apply thin coats, which will make sure that your nails dry faster. And make sure that the first coat dries up before you apply the second one. It is best to apply single coats on all the nails at one and then start the second coat, which will give sufficient time for the nail polish to dry.

4. Blow Dry

You must be having blow dryer at home. Next time you wish to make your nails dry faster, simply use a blow dryer keeping it at a safe distance from your nails for them to dry faster. If you have cold air setting, then you could use that too.

5. Ice Water

Yes, ice water does the trick too! Dip your nails in a bowl of ice water and let it stay for around 30 seconds. When you take out your fingers from the bowl, your nails will be dry! Alternatively, you could just hold your fingers under running cold tap water that will make the nails dry faster.

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