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Travel Tips-Travelling with children

In-Car Entertainment While You Travel with Kids:

  • Take plenty of refreshments during travel. Children generally become unsettled in a car if they do not have enough hydration.
  • Ensure that you stop two or three times during the journey with children, not only to break the time up but also to give everyone a chance to stretch their legs.
  • Pack things in the car to keep the children occupied; for example paper and coloured pens, books, and comics.
  • Children often become restless or irritable when on a long road trip. Keep them occupied by pointing out interesting sights along the way and by bringing soft, lightweight toys and favourite music for a sing-along.
  • Never leave your child alone in a car, even for a minute. Temperatures inside the car can reach deadly levels in minutes, and the child can die of heatstroke.

Air Travel:

  • Children Should Fly-in Their Car Seats – Not on Your Lap! Children are the safest flying in their FAA-approved car seats. If you decide to hold them on your lap make an informed decision.
  • Be prepared for delays while travelling with children. Pack twice as many snacks, bottles, diapers, wipes, and formula as you think you need.
  • Keep the Child Busy during travel. Since they have to be strapped into the seat for long periods of time, it is a great idea to bring plenty of small, unfamiliar things to distract their attention.
  • Avoid Late Night Flights while travelling with kids.

 Some more useful Travel Tips:

  • In order to decrease ear pain during descent during the journey, encourage your infant to nurse or suck on a bottle. Older children can try chewing gum, drinking water or juice through a straw, or filling up a glass of water and blowing bubbles through a straw (4 years of age or older).
  • Pack less…and less. In travel, your ten-year-old daughter won’t need eighteen dresses for a two-week trip, despite her protestations to the contrary. For that matter, neither will you. Someone is going to be carrying the bags, and overstuffed, overweight bags are an argument waiting to happen. For travel Pack once, as lightly as possible and with an eye to items (especially clothing and shoes) that can do double or triple duty (and toiletries in travel sizes only). Once you’ve closed your bags, open them up again and take out even more stuff. Do this a third time and you’re bound to have a good time in your journey.
  • While travelling with kids, Carry a first aid kit and include some cold remedies, painkillers etc as your destination may not sell what you need.
  • Make sure you always have your children go to the bathroom before you leave–even if they tell you they don’t have to. Also, when taking long road trips with younger children, have them wear pull-ups while riding in the car.
  • Capture the precious and unforgettable moments of your travel. Buy each child an inexpensive disposable camera so they can take pictures. Your kids in the journey will really feel special when they can snap their own photos. They’ll also love the resulting photos they can later use in a memory book of the trip.

A good book can make your journey more enjoyable. Here’s a good idea for when you are travelling with older children or teens. If you are taking a road trip and space is little, one large, while travel long book to read is much better than several short ones.

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