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Top 5 Apps to Use Whilst Traveling

Whether you’re a holidaymaker looking to jet off for a quick getaway or an avid traveller about to embark on a world trip you will no doubt find yourself sitting around at some point waiting for a flight or public transport. There’s no better time than to reach for your smartphone, tablet or other mobile-based device and load a number of must-have apps that will help you on your journey.

App in The Air

Despite the eye-rolling pun of the name ‘App in the Air is a very handy travel assistant app that will allow you to keep a very close eye on all your flight details. As soon as you arrive at the airport you can load up a map in the app to show you where to go. You can get real-time updates about all your flights and any potential gate changes which will even get messaged to your phone if you happen to be offline.


Travel planner apps are ten a penny on iOS and Android but there aren’t much more useful and fun to use than City mapper. This clever little app provides users with ample details about departure times, train, bus, ferry and cycle routes as well as various transportation maps and other live updates and disruption alerts for 30 different major cities around the world.

BBC Weather

Whether you are travelling to a Spanish beach resort or climbing the French alps, planning your trip around the weather in the region you are standing in can be the difference between a day sat inside sulking in the rain or exploring the local aquarium during a thunderstorm. As the top-rated Weather App on iOS, this little app is simple and reliable.

Mobile Gaming

If you find yourself waiting in an airport and already have your travel plans in place then you can always take some time to relax, unwind and enjoy a game or two before you fly off. With a whole host of games to choose from it gets a bit repetitive continually playing Angry Birds or Doodle Jump, so look at injecting a little bit more excitement into it by playing a mobile gaming site. Favourite casino-based games such as roulette, blackjack and virtual slots are available online, just keep the amounts spent small and cash out when your winning!

Google Translate

Those lucky enough to travel abroad may not be lucky enough to be versed in the native tongue of their destination. Thankfully however Google Translate will be able to help you pick up a few keywords and phrases in whichever language you may need. Whilst it can’t really teach you how to learn an entirely new language you can hold up your phone to any text, perhaps on a menu, sign or in a newspaper, and it’ll instantly translate for you.

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