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Sunscreens for your Skin this Summer

Sunscreens for your Skin this Summer

Stay safe from the suns rays this summer with our tips for great sunscreens for your skin and body.

Protect your skin and body this summer with some all important sunscreen. Its amazing how much we are wiling to spend on make-up, cosmetics, hair products and moisturizers but when it comes to sunscreen, sometimes we just pick up anything that has an SPF 15 or above and looks like it will work!

Shame on us ladies! We are neglecting to protect our skin and body from the harmful rays of the Sun. So for body skin care, you need to know what to look out for in sunscreens before buying anything.

Here are some top tips for this skin care product:

  1. UVA Protection: SPF only refers to UVB which are the rays that burn your skin and make it go red. UVA are those evil aging rays so sunscreen skin care products should contain both.
  2. SPF Sunblock: You can’t get 100% protection from harmful sun rays but you can get close to it. SPF 50 is what you should aim for as it gives your skin over 90% protection.
  3. Re-apply Frequently: For body skin care, re-application of sunscreen every few hours is advisable. Your skin absorbs the sunblock and therefore needs more to be protected.
  4. Counter Dehydration: Heat makes you sweat and that quickens the water loss from your skin and body so look for skin care products which contain shea butter and glycerin.

Choosing the right sunscreen skin care products

For sensitive skin try Dermologica Faceblock for your facial skin and Anthelios XL Extreme SPF50. For sports, skin care products should be light and non greasy so try Lancaster Oil free Sunscreen which wont slip and slide off in seconds of a workout!

Body skin care for anti-aging needs means going all out on the UVA screens, as I mentioned above. So if you are worried about aging skin then try Nivea DNAge Cell Protection for facial skin and Sisley for your body skin care. For everyday use, skincare products by Dr Sebagh are pricey but great!

Before you step out into the heat, make sure your skin is totally protected with the right sunscreen for you and your skin type.

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