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Women Vs Men – At Stress Management Strategies

Stress Management Strategies

Stress Management StrategiesIf we compare both men and women in their symptoms of stress, we analyse that they are entirely different in their stress management strategies.

Women Express While Men Let Go

Women are physically more expressive and hence take advantage of crying and thinking a loud in front of others when experience symptoms of stress while men are usually introvert and keep their stress private to themselves. Their stress management tool is letting things go and not talk about their symptoms of stress much. This is an art which women find hard to master. They need catharsis in the form of sharing things out or crying.

Women are much more impulsive than men and hence react as cry ladies in their stress management. Women feel relieved and light when express their symptoms of stress or receive a counseling session while men take time to come out of their symptoms of stress. Sometimes they pretend not to be stressed out but actually experience symptoms of stress just like a storm under calm waters. They experience much damage caused by stress than women. According to medical survey reports, the percentage of heart attack in men is more than the percentage of heart attack in women. The difference in their stress management can be a big reason behind.

Causes of Stress Are Different In Men and Women

Symptoms of stress in men are mostly an outcome of their jobs or business concerns while women usually experience symptoms of stress when dealing with the kids, different relationships, pregnancy or other hormonal changes, and sometimes because of being over worked and a few times because of their jobs.

Men are more strategic at their stress management when comes to the work place stress than women while women are good at handling the family issues and relations sprouting symptoms of stress in a better way than men. Women naturally are good at keeping calm when mothering their kids than the fathers.

In dealing with the symptoms of stress caused by the relation based frictions, women are seen to be more forgiving than men and sometimes this serves them as a good strategy of stress management. Men on the other hand are prone to get aggressive and spoil the situation sometimes because of their bad stress management. Women are more strategic at their relation handling than men and successful in keeping calm during their stress management.

Women Are Good Jugglers Than Men

Women are good in their time management and can easily do multi tasking without getting much stressed out rather men experience symptoms of stress if asked to manage many things at a time. This might also be because of the difference in nature of their tasks. Men are anyway reported to be short tempered than women. Their stamina of keeping calm crosses its threshold in no time.

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