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Tips for a Cool Home in Summer

Tips for a Cool Home in Summer

Cool Home in Summer

As we equip ourselves with the summer colours, summer clothes and summer shoes; let’s think of equipping with a summer home this year. Summer home will be our own home well equipped for a cool and comfortable summer. Some of the tips should be followed for a cool home in summer.

1. Ventilation

During summer time the home needs ventilation but every window and every place that can bring in the daylight should be closed during the day time especially when the sun is harsh and there is scorching heat.

2. Let The Air In

For a cool home one of the tip would be to let the air circulate in the room before you switch on the air condition. You can simply switch on the fan first and then let the air condition do the job.

3. External Shading of Window

A window made up of glass can absorb 10 times as much heat as the insulated wall so the external shading of the window is important for keeping the house cool. You can always go for external blinds, huge plants and trees that would provide shade to the window. Internally you can always use thick curtains and seal large gaps into the windows that bring the heat inside the house. Make sure you leave some gaps for ventilation.

4. Switch Off Heating Appliances

If you have a room near the kitchen then you must avoid letting the heat seep into the room and the house. Try to let the heating appliances such as the stove be switched off during the day time. Either cook during the night or make it an excuse to use your electronic barbeque appliance for the dinner.

5. Wear Light Summery Clothes

Make sure that you wear cool seasonal clothes so that you do not feel hot inside the house in summer.

6. Plant Trees In Your Home

Try to plant as many trees as possible because as we all know that they emit oxygen and take in carbon dioxide; oxygen is a cool gas and it keeps the environment pleasant. Plants can simply act as insulators around your house during the summer days.

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