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Tips to Keep your Home Cool in Summer

Keep your Home Cool in Summer

Cool Home in Summer Ideas

Summer is the hottest weather of all and makes every individual just so uncomfortable with its unbearable heat and sweat. It is just not the individuals who suffer but also the surroundings also become extremely hot that your home which has to be the place for peace becomes hell. So, keeping your home cool in summer has become very expensive these days as you try to keep your home cool by using air conditioning all the time, which surely affects your electricity bill.

We have here some very good tips for you to keep your home cool in summer, these tips are low cost, affective and takes less effort but surely keeps your home cool in summer.

1. Adjusting the ceiling fans

To keep your home cool in summer, try to adjust the ceiling fans to turn counter-clockwise in the down position in summer that spreads the cool air in the room.

2. Air Circulation

Kitchen is the hottest place of your home, so to keep your home cool in summer try to adjust the light and fans in such a way that it not only gives a cooling affect but also provides cool breeze.

3. Cleaning Air condition

Air conditioners work better when they are properly cleaned and serviced. So maintain your air conditioner regularly in order to keep your home cool in summer, change the filters regularly and hence you will surely see the difference and your home will be cool in summer

4. Window drapes

Window drapes should be closed during the day time so that the minimum heat should come in the house during the day time, secondly you can also use the heat reflective window film that reflects heat and prevents it from entering the window and hence keeps your home cool in the summer.

5. Limit the use of heat producing equipments

Stoves, heaters, dishwashers, washing machine and all the other heat producing equipments should not be used unnecessarily during the peak times because they are the hottest times. Use these equipments in the early morning or late evening to keep your home cool in summer

6. Soothing Wallpapers

Soothing wallpapers or paints should be applied in the rooms that will not only give a soothing and cooling affect to your place but also are the colors that prevents heat  like, light blue, mauve, white, green and many more colors that can be used to keep your home cool in summer.

7. Consume the sunlight

To keep your home cool in summer, buy indoor plants that consume the day sunlight and keep the home cool, water those plants regularly so that they will stay green.

8. Save energy

Save energy by unplugging those electronic equipments which are not in use like TV and radio, you can use energy audits by hiring a professional home auditor which can show you where is the energy being wasted in the home, this can surely be a way of keeping your home cool in the summer season.

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