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Fragrance for Women that Men Love


Fragrance for WomenThe choice of fragrance is very personal and most of us have our few favorites. However, fragrance for women is one of the most important factors that can affect her personal relationship. Although, you have your own likes and dislikes in fragrances, but if you are looking to make things work in your love life, you need to re-think about your current perfume.Here are the few suggestions with which you will be able to decide on one right fragrance.

Vanilla Scents

Fragrance for women having vanilla scents is mostly liked by men. The fragrance of vanilla can surely turn your man on. If your man is one of the vanilla admirers you can try out an Oriental perfume like Christian Dior’s Poison. Vanilla scents are one of the popular fragrance for women and are widely available in body products like body wash, body lotions etc.

Cinnamon Scents

The fragrance for women having cinnamon scents can surely add your guy’s attraction towards you. If you want to try cinnamon fragrance, you can take L de Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka, a fragrance with exquisite blend of vanilla and cinnamon.


Believe it or not, lavender is the hottest fragrance for women which are incredibly liked by guys. It has been heard that Cleopatra, one of the original seductresses, wore lavender oils to make her fragrant. You can surely try out perfumes, body washes, body lotions and bath products having fragrance of lavender to make your love time enjoyable for both you and your partner.

Floral Fragrances

When it comes to sensual fragrances, one cannot simply forget the floral scents. One of the wonderful fragrance for women is Very Irresistible Sensual Perfume by Givenchy, created by Dominique Ropion. This sexy fragrance is a beautiful blend of cento folia rose, peony rose, fantasia rose, passion rose, emotion rose, verbena leaf, star anise, vanilla and patchouli, which is quite powerful to attract your partner. This floral fragrance for women comes in elegant purple bottle.

Refreshing Fragrance

Obsession by Calvin Klein is a perfect choice when it comes to refreshing and oriental fragrance for women. This fragrance for women signifies true sensuality with the essence of mandarin, bergamot, and peach. This seductive fragrance is also touched with the hints of lemon, jasmine and oak moss. Not only this fragrance is sexy and sensual, but it lasts for long and highly recommended on night outs.

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