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Carpet Cleaning in low budget

Carpet Cleaning in low Budget

Home sweet home and a well-furnished home is the ultimate desire of every woman. Home is the place where everybody wants peace, serenity and cleanliness. With the advent of new and modern home decor items and appliances, home cleanliness becomes tough and hectic day by day.

Especially in terms of carpet cleaning, women often feel difficulty. If you have enough budget for your carpet cleaning, then you can easily afford or hire carpet cleaning services, but what if you don’t have? Here are some very easy and simple carpet cleaning tips.

By following these tips, they can not only clean their carpets in a simple and inexpensive manner but also polish their house in a smart way.

Carpet Cleaning Tips:

  • Vacuuming is the first and foremost tip for your carpet cleaning. People who have carpeted home or wall to wall carpet, they must do vacuuming. 80% of your carpet cleaning depends upon proper vacuuming. So must vacuum clean at least twice a week.
  • In order to keep away stains from your carpet, avoid food and drinks. Don’t allow entry of pets in your carpeted rooms. Another important tip to keep away stains from your carpet is to avoid buying light colored carpets, buy darker ones as dark colors show stains less frequently and easier to clean as compare to light ones. Also use scotch guard for ultimate carpet cleaning.
  • Place mats at the entrance of your rooms. The soil and dust particles are left on mats and won’t step on to your carpet. This tip will not only keep your carpet clean but also expand the life span of your carpet.
  • Do carpet restoration cleaning fortnightly. The most popular carpet cleaning methods are steam carpet cleaning and the rotary shampoo. You can apply both at a time for an ultimate carpet cleaning.
  • Never use iron or hair driers on your carpets. This will put permanent stains on your carpet and damage its beauty & texture.
  • Use mild and non-toxic carpet cleaning products. Try to use mild carpet cleaning shampoo for the removal of dust, soil and lighter stains. For stubborn stains, you can use harsher products.

Despite of all these carpet tips, wash or clean your carpet by a professional carpet cleaner once in a year.

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