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Five Bathroom Organizing Ideas For Your Everyday Life

Bathroom Organizing Ideas

Bathroom is probably the smallest room in the house that has the power to improve the level of comfort and quality of the place. Decorations, choices of colors for the wall, space usage are all essential to achieve these; however, this will not come cheap. Luckily, bathroom organizing ideas such as streamlining of bathroom supplies combined with a proper arrangement of towels, toiletries and children’s stuff can do the trick radically and easily.Bathroom Organizing

1: Minimize the Clatter

Hair products such as gel, curlers, spray and combs normally eats up a lot of space in the bathroom. The clutter arising from these diminish the quality of the space, and all these methods of organizing mentioned above will only be most effective if this bathroom mess is put in order. Do it by simply getting a plastic bin and placing it under the sink. This bin will serve as a garbage bag that will prevent any disorder that may arise from the bathroom clutter.

2: Attach a Basket on the Wall for Towels and Children’s Supplies

This is, perhaps, one of the most convenient and easiest way in terms of organizing your bathroom. All that is needed here is a basket that you can easily attach to the wall. This basket will primarily serves as the designated space for clean and used towels, washcloths and shaving supplies, shampoos and conditioners. For those who have children, the baskets can be maximized by installing their own baskets for the arrangement of their own supplies.

3: Double Shower Curtain

Okay, here is a good tip: to make your bathroom look more spacious, try the science of color coding. The yellow and grey combination is a highly recommended one – visually appeasing, making your bathroom neat, sleek, and above all grand. Paint your wall with yellow, put some floral carpet on the bathroom floor, use grey curtain for the shower area and see how everything blends perfectly.

4: Do-it-Yourself and Keep Your Appliances Out of the Way

An easy and convenient Do It Yourself method. By hanging a metal file box on the wall, a bathroom storage is now ready for you. Curling irons, straightening irons, as well as blow dryers all heats after usage, thus making these appliances challenging to be placed inside the cabinet as it needs to cool down. Good thing, this metal file box on the way provides the perfect storage for these appliances – neat and easy.

5: Maximize the Cabinets

This is quite easy, actually. If you have a cabinet inside your bathroom, maximize it with proper use. Your hair tools and appliances are essentials of everyday and by keeping them out of the way will undoubtedly provide an extra space in your bathroom. Here’s what you’re going to do: behind the cabinet, if you have some power outlet nearby, make a hole for the chords of your hair tools. This would provide convenience on your end by simply opening the cabinet and pulling them out in case you need them. Let them cool down for a bit, of course, before placing them back on their designated space.

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