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How to Patch a Hole in the Roof

How to Patch Hole

There is of older homes a standard feature a rooftop patio, which is often very nice, but does require preservation to maintain it a protected place. Patching a hole in this type of roof-deck might be expected and it’s also a straightforward task that you could do yourself.Hole in the Roof

Things You’ll Need

  • Roofing cement
  • Plastic putty knife
  • Adhesive drywall patch
  • Paint stir stick
  • Newspaper

Clean the area of all dirt and debris and let it dry thoroughly. Using a paint stick, or similar tool, spread the roofing cement generously around the hole. The cement is very thick and sticky – just be patient and keep at it.Patch Hole

When you have a good, thick coating of the roofing cement all around the hole, wrap the stick in newspaper or other waste paper to dispose of it before it is spread to other surfaces.patch the hole

Remove the protective paper backing from the adhesive drywall patch and place the patch over the hole. Lay the paper backing on the top of the patch to protect your hands as you push the patch into place.roofing cement

Make sure the patch is pressed into the roofing cement all the way around and has a secure seal.protective paper

Using the plastic putty knife, spread more roofing cement over the patch, extending beyond the original cement and tapering off in all four directions.put roofing cement

The roofing cement should be slightly domed in the center and taper to nothing at the edges. Smooth the surface as much as possible and dispose of the plastic putty knife. Let the patch dry for 24 hours before walking on the roof deck.

Source: ehow

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