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4 Partner Moves for Horizontally Inclined Couples

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If you and your partner would rather remain horizontal — and hey, who can blame you? — there’s a way to get a workout without moving far from your favorite plane. Just ask IRL couple Bianca Vesco and Dennis Pena, certified personal trainers at Dog pound, a fitness studio in New York City, who love getting fit in creative ways.

1. Heart to HeartsHeart to Hearts Partner Moves

How to do them: Have your partner lie face-up on the floor and straddle him with your back to a chair that’s positioned over his legs. Get into plank position with your feet on the seat of the chair and your palms holding his. Both of you bend your arms to come in for a kiss, then extend your arms to perform a push-up.

2. Pike Up and PressPike Up and Press Partner Moves

How to do them: Have your partner sit on the floor with his legs extended. Straddle his legs while facing his feet. Grasp his ankles in each of your hands and have him take one of your ankles at a time at shoulders-height. Pike your hips up above your shoulders and hold as he presses your legs up. Have him bend his elbows to complete one rep.

3. “You’re My Superman” Push-Ups

How to do them: Have your partner plank on the ground and perform a push-up by bending his elbows to bring his body toward the floor, and then extending his arms quickly to generate momentum and raise his arms and feet off the floor. He lands in plank position. Once he’s mastered this move, broad jump from his left side to his right while he’s in the air (or for a lesser challenge, during the lowest part of his push-up).

4. Floating Flutter KicksFloating Flutter Kicks Partner Moves

How to do them: Have your partner lie face-up on the ground and straddle him facing his feet. Bend your knees to have him hold you behind the hips, keeping his elbows off the ground and pressed along his sides. Meanwhile, engage your core, lean back, and carefully extend one leg at a time parallel to the floor. Point your toes and alternate raising each leg. Have your partner engage his core to elevate his legs and do the same.

Source: cosmopolitan

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