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Tips to Avoid Pregnancy

Avoid Pregnancy Ideas

Avoid Pregnancy IdeasPregnancy is worth cherishing for those who look forward to become parents but when it is unwanted, it can cause lot of problems. Health care of women is also an issue during pregnancy. There are many tips to avoid pregnancy.

The contraceptive pills, Spermicides, Implanon, Sterilization are a few most popular tips to avoid pregnancy. The birth control pills and contraceptive pills have estrogen and progestin in them that is effective for birth control. When women stop using them, they will be able to conceive with in five months. To avoid pregnancy, women must make sure that the brand of pills they use is suitable. Sometimes, they can be a cause of headache or even bad temperature.  In such cases women must consult their doctors about the required amount of estrogen and progestin. Other tips to avoid pregnancy include Spermicides.

They are available in the form of jelly, cream foam, cream, jelly, or even tablets. They don’t reduce fertility rather they hinder the conception. As soon as it is removed, fertility is regained. ‘Implanon’ is also used to avoid pregnancy. While Spermicides are not so effective, Implanon is a highly effective tip to avoid pregnancy. Small, thin rods inserted in arms, they release estrogen and progestin in body to make the female reproductive system infertile temporarily. One Implanon can help women to avoid pregnancy up to three years. Also, it is an expensive procedure than simply using contraceptive pills and using other contraception like Spermicides.

Another tip to avoid pregnancy permanently is sterilization. It is widely used and has no side effects. The two main procedures of sterilization to avoid pregnancy are; Tubal ligation, and Hysteroscopic sterilization.  They are both surgical procedures and women can not conceive after the following operations, so this tip avoids pregnancy forever. Tubal ligation is a small operation that can be performed within an hour without using anesthesia while Hysteroscopic sterilization is a major surgery in which a spring like coil is used to block the opening of the fallopian tube. It also requires a follow-up visit to the doctor.

Health care is an important issue when it comes to use the birth control methods. Women who use strong methods for birth control must have regular medical check-ups by their health care providers to ensure that fertility can be regained when desired and these birth control methods don’t have any adverse affects on the female reproductive system.

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