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Combat Monthly Cramps with Health Tips

Combat Monthly Cramps with Health Tips

When period pains take over your life, it’s time to take action with these health care tips.

Health tips for period pains are all over the place but pick some effective methods and stick to them. Everyone suffers different levels of pain and for some it can really stop day to day activities. So use my health tips, aside from lying in bed with a hot water bottle attached to you, to combat those evil monthly cramps. Read on to see my health care tips taken from useful online health tips, health news tips and general studies on period pains.

Health tips for the best over the counter cure are Ibuprofen pills. Online health tips and research of all over the counter pills, including paracetamol, aspirin and panadol; shows findings that Ibuprofen was the best pain busting drug. Tips for health with these pills, is to use them sparingly.

Other good health tips for banishing those cramps are to try the contraceptive pill or the contraceptive ring. Studies over the years have shown these health tips help reduce those monthly cramps.

Acupuncture has also found to be a great pain relief from period pain. My health care tips with this treatment are for you to regularly have weekly treatments, for at least 3 months, to feel the results.

Other health tips include sipping on some thyme tea in days leading up to your period and during. Tips for health are to also try to reduce the stress levels in your life if you can. Research suggests that stressed out women are twice as likely to get painful cramps if they are anxious and stressed.

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