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Free Health Tips that will help you stay Healthy

Free health tips that will help you stay healthy

Free health tips are for everyone to use at all times, whether eating out or not.

Whether you’re eating at home or eating out, the same rules apply for free health tips. But here are some free health tips that are specific to eating out:
Free health tip 1.Plan what you’re going to have ahead of time.
Free health tip 2. Drink at least one full-glass of water or iced tea before eating your meal.Free health tip 3. Don’t be afraid to ask for the “senior citizen” special or kid’s-sized portions.

Free health tip 4. Order first so you are less likely to be influenced by the choices of your companions.

Free health tip 5. If you’re not sure how something is prepared, don’t be afraid to ask.

Free health tip 6. Ask if the chef could prepare a plate of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Free health tip 7. When ordering meat or fish ask that it be grilled or broiled.

Free health tip 8. Order an appetizer and a salad as your meal.

Free health tip 9. When choosing soup, avoid cream-based soups.

Free health tip 10. Split the appetizer and desert with your companion.

Free health tip 11. If you decide to order pasta prefer tomato sauce over cream-based sauces.

Free health tip 12. Choose bread-sticks over bread, and choose whole grain over white.

Free health tip 13. Choose steamed vegetables instead of baked potatoes or other starches.

Free health tip 14. Have your biggest meal at lunchtime.

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