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5 Helpful Weight Loss Tips All Runners Need to Know

Helpful Weight Loss Tips

Yes, that right is study by you. I gained weight while a training race to operate. And, at least anecdotally, I understand it’s really a factor that is reasonably typical. You simply get hungry when you are investing in that lots of hours of operating. Therefore starving. So that as all of US understand, it is method more straightforward to consume energy than burn ’em. (Plus, the entire calories-in-versus-calories-out factor is method problematic and certainly will generate you plums.) So do you slim down securely and sanely without having to be hungry when tons operating or instruction to get a competition?

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Helpful Weight Loss Tips

Great problem. We achieved out to operating workout and mentor scientist McMillan for his weight loss that was greatest strategies for athletes. He simply utilized these procedures to lose excess weight with and herself his customers, therefore he understands they do function! (I really could purchased these before my marathon-training years back … particularly no. 1 with no. 5, ha!)

1. Satiety is Key. In general, proteins and fats satiate longer than carbohydrates so outside of the glycogen window (the first 30 minutes after a hard workout), I focus on healthy proteins and fats. For carbohydrates, I focus mainly on vegetables and low-glycemic carbs. It’s just a matter of eating the foods that contain the least calories yet keep you satiated the longest.

2. Just Cutting Calories isn’t the End All Be All. Cutting calories is a successful way to lose weight, but all calories aren’t created equal. Some foods cause the body to store more fat and make you more hungry, like processed and high glycemic carbs that cause spikes/drops in blood sugar. UCAN SuperStarch is a low glycemic carbohydrate that keeps blood sugar levels steady. I mix it with protein plus healthy fats for a great meal-replacement shake that is lower in calories, but keeps me from feeling hungry. This is a great option on low-carb days.

3. Time Your Carbs. You’re focused on cutting your calories, but still need to be able to perform in training, which requires some carbs. Focus on quality carbs around your key/long sessions and eat some carbs before and after hard/long sessions, but otherwise reduce them.

4. Being a Little Hungry is Okay. Get used to being a little hungry, but never too hungry or you are likely to overeat. (Editor’s note: we like to follow this handy dandy hunger and fullness chart for mindful eating.)

5. Beware of Reward Eating. Overeating is a problem in running. A study shows that if left to replace the calories burned during a workout, people will eat two to three times the amount of calories they actually burned. Satiety is especially key immediately after a workout so you don’t overeat later. I ingest a UCAN shake with protein immediately after hard sessions. This simple strategy then allows me to reduce my carbohydrate intake in the remaining meals. Most people find doing so helps them keep their weight under control.

Source: Popsugar

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