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Postpartum Rest and Recovery Tips

Women Postpartum Rest and Recovery Tips

For those of us who don’t know what the postpartum period is, it is the period right after when a woman gives birth extending to about six weeks. It is the most crucial period in terms of the good health of the baby but usually mothers neglect themselves in this period the most. Traditionally is had been said that this is the period when a new mother can make or break her health.[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]Postpartum Rest

There have been hundreds of hormonal changes in your body, you have endured a great deal of pain and now you have to look after the little one. All of this creates stress and gives way to an unhealthy postpartum period. Here are some tips that you need to follow in order to stay mentally and physically fit in this period of change.Women Sleep Well

Sleep Well: Sleep is most important when it comes to postpartum period. Make sure that you are getting 7 hours of sleep every night. It is usually very hard to sleep at a stretch with a new baby so tune yourself according to your little one’s sleeping hours and make sure you complete your sleeping hours in the day.Stay Quiet

Stay Quiet: This might sound absurd but staying quiet most of the time during your day really does the trick. Do not exhaust yourself by talking unnecessarily.

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Talking can strain your muscles. Just try and spend quality time with the little one and even if you talk, talk in a low voice.

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Massage: Massage is the best way to recover quickly and live through the postpartum days. Regular massage can also make you get rid of any kind of postpartum depression that some women face right after giving birth to their bay. You can use good quality hot oils and ask someone close to massage you at home. Going to salon in such a state would not be a very good idea.Drink Well

Drink Well: Fluids which are healthy and full of vitamins and nutrients are excellent for you in order to recover from the postpartum period. Try and stay as away as possible from caffeine as it is worst for any new mother especially after she has just given birth. This can also be unhealthy for breast feeding mothers as it can harm the bay’s health. Drink loads of water as that will wash away impurities and give you healthy hair, skin and mind.Quit Work

Quit Work: If you work by going to office, quit it. Even if you work from home, quit that too. As working will only cause stress for you and it will take longer for you to recover from the postpartum period. You need to rest and spend time with your baby and rest in a peaceful atmosphere. Work related tress is really not the thing for you at a time like this.

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Go easy on House Chores: House chores and postpartum period are not at very friendly terms with each other. Make sure that you do not indulge in heavy working at home and you give yourself a good month off from big house chores. Cut down on any demands that are coming from your kids or husband or anyone in the family because now is the time to relax. This does not mean that you should not work at all. The body needs movement at a time like this too so do little chores in a day. This will also help in diverting your attention for any postpartum stress.

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