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What Food to Eat While Losing Weight

What Food Eat While Losing Weight

There are certain things women must eat when trying to Lose Weight and certain things they should avoid. We have always told you what not to eat, but here is a list of things you should definitely eat if you want to rid yourself of the extra fat.

1. OatmealOatmeal EatThis is a food that may not taste surprisingly tempting as a big mac but it has all the essential nutrients and energy value one needs to make it through the day. It instills in the women an energy that keeps themgoing and feeling active.

2. HoneyHoney EatIt tastes sweet and its fat content is far more than the processed sugar women tend to take in their coffees and teas. However it purifies the blood stream and has the autoxidizing power just like water does.

3. Dark ChocolateDark ChocolateJust like honey it acts as an anti-oxidant and has a comparatively less amount of sugar in it as do normal chocolates. It is a huge energy source and has a far better composition content than any other regular chocolate.

4. Macadamia NutsMacadamia NutsThese are enriched with vitamin E and eating them makes one feel fuller without any fat or calorie count affecting their body. This is a must eat if one is trying to lose weight.

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