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Best Celebrity Makeup Trends 2015

Celebrity Makeup Trends

As the seasons change, the fashion and makeup trends change too and  you should try to follow them. So, today we are bringing to you The Best Celebrity Makeup Trends 2015 to get you familiar with the beauty trends that you should try this spring. They were taken straight from the fashion shows and they are also totally approved by many celebrities. Go ahead and check them out.

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Natural Makeup Look

Women Natural Makeup

Natural makeup look is the best makeup look according to men. They love when you don’t wear too much makeup, but instead keep it to bare minimum.


This means that you should avoid bold eye shadows and lipsticks.


Red Lipstick


Red lipstick is a timeless makeup trend. It looks good on any skin tone, because it can be found in different tones.


The number one rule when wearing red lipstick is to keep your eye makeup on a minimum level. Just apply a black eyeliner and a coat of good mascara and you are ready to go.

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Red Lipstick

Inky Black Eyes

Black Eyes For women

Inky black eyes is a great makeup look both for day and night. What you need to achieve it is a good eyeliner and some skills to apply it precisely.

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katy perry Black Eyes

This eye makeup look looks good in combo with a red lipstick or with any other lipstick color, whether that will be a bold or a neutral one.

eye makeup

Purple Eye Makeup Look

Women Eye Makeup

If you are having green or brown eyes, then purple is the right color for your eye makeup. And since it has many shades, you can make many purple makeup ideas. 

Purple Eye Makeup

And when it comes to the lipstick color, stick to some pale color, because the accent should be on your eyes.

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Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Smokey Eyes For women makeup

The brown smokey eye makeup look is another spring makeup trend that you should follow. It is the perfect choice both for day and night makeup looks.

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Brown Smokey Eyes

They are several shades of brown that you can combine to achieve the perfect brown smokey eye makeup look, from softer colors to bronze, through warmer tones, like brass and copper. And when it comes to the lips, we advise you to keep them bare.

Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

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