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First Aid tips for Babysitters

First Aid tips for Babysitters

Babysitters First Aid tipsBabysitting requires lot of responsibility. Parents trust them that they are able to handle emergency. In some cases, a professional medical emergency action may require and the babysitters have to wait for professional help, but some cases can be effectively dealt by the baby sitter if he/she is well equipped and well prepared to handle such simple problems. Knowledge of basic first aid and procedure must necessary for the babysitters.

Basic First aid tips for baby sitting

Following are some important tips for baby sitting, by following these first aid tips babysitters become able to handle the emergencies and daily small troubles related to the children.

First aid box

First aid box is a basic necessity for baby sitting. The first aid box must be well equipped and well prepared. The box must be fill with, Anti Bacterial soap, Sterile gauze, Hydrogen Peroxide,  Antibiotic ointment, Ice pack, Towel, Adhesive bandages, Aloe Vera gel Tweezers, Calamine lotion to handle the burns, scraps, cuts and wounds etc.

How to handle chocking and breathing problems

Babysitters must have knowledge to perform the Heimlich maneuver and cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques. These techniques are essential to know if a child start choking or stops breathing, but make sure that the baby sitter perfectly knows these techniques. For this purpose babysitters may have training with the emergency first aid providers like the Red Cross organization.

How to handle Burns

In case of burns run cool water or apply a cold compress with ice for three to five minutes, according to the instructions for first aid tip to handle burns in kids. Apply aloe vera gel to the burned area it slows the skin damage. In case of sever burn call emergency.

How to handle cuts

In minor cuts, first aid tip is first try to stop bleeding by pressing it with clean piece of cloth. Then wash is with antibacterial soap and bandage it.

Make playing safe

In baby sitting the baby sitter must aware of safe playing too. Some toys may be dangerous so the baby sitter should be aware of it, and he/she must teach the kids partially about the toys that would be dangerous for them. Another thing is babysitters must be aware of the toys with appropriate age, as some toys are not suitable for the toddlers like the toys with the sharp edges.

Coordination with parents

There must be a healthy coordination with the parents. In case of any emergency must tell to the parents. Parents must provide the babysitters with list of contact numbers in case of any emergency. Always notify the kid’s parents about any first aid situation or injury, even about a minor scrape.

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