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Avocado – Best Super foods for Weight Loss


This avocado-based snack will help you weight loss for two amazing causes: it is not empty of healthy fats. Fiber and eating balanced fats retains that “I am full” emotion going robust, so desires and starvation is likely to be blown aside, and you’ll be full for hours. Add the protein and saltiness of sunflower seeds, and this snack can be a weight loss superstar. In addition, it assists that you could whip up it in two minutes.Avocado Best Super foods


  • 1: Cut an avocado in half. Use the side without the pit, and save the other half for later since the pit can help keep the green flesh from browning.
  • 2: Sprinkle one tablespoon of salted sunflower seeds in the middle.
  • 3: Use a spoon to scoop out bites right out of the avocado peel. You don’t even need to bother with dirtying a dish.

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