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Put your creative hat on for a dazzling street style

street style

street styleThe summer is harsh and hot this year. So the best things to do this summer are wear trendy clothes be stylish yet stay cool through the summer. This summer is all about playing with colors, the brighter the trendier.  Besides the colors of the clothes you choose, for street fashion you need to have the most appropriate collection of clothes using the budget you have. You always have to go with your pocket when it’s about the street style.
Be it the worn out denim short, you are wearing for ages or be it a super casual boyfriend jeans, perk up your street style by combining them with funky accessories, a super cute Dolce & Gabbana floral wedge and you will look just perfect to rock’n’roll in the street. Also, remember the street fashion is all about creative mixing, you can mix and match anything, expensive and cheaper, casual and formal, it can even be as odd a combination as formal crisp funky blazer with worn out denim shorts!
Yet another big summer street style for girls would be carrying a messenger bad. Since the girls definitely have to carry a heavy-duty nag that holds more than just her tic tac and credit cards. So the new style is to carry the refined messenger bad. Carrying a messenger is a perfect street fashion to follow; you would neither be mistaken for a bike messenger or worse. It is a brilliant street wear for the university students, as they have a lot to lug along all day.
Other than that street style can’t let go of the hairdos, all the ladies working, students or housewives they have to learn to make different hair styles so that when they step out of the houses they make a street fashion statement from head to toe. In short, the key is ‘creativity’ put your creative hat this summer and be the dazzling diva of the street.

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