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Tricks to Perfect Nails At Home

Perfect Nails

Nails speak a lot about a personPerfect Nails Tricks Nails speak a lot about a person. Bitten nails say your nervous, dirty nails say you are careless, hence having perfect nails is essential. Everyone adores pleasant soft hands with trimmed perfect nails. However, considering our daily lifestyle, which includes cooking, writing, cleaning, shopping, driving etc all this makes maintaining those manicured perfect nails impossible. Therefore, women should know how to do simple things at home to nails in order to have perfect nails at all times. This not only saves time and wealth but is also an ideal way to relax and pamper yourself.

Therefore, a few tips for perfect nails at home are:

1. Remove the nail polish

Make sure you remove the nail polish weekly and re-paint it with a fresh color. This keeps nail looking fresh. Invest in a good nail polish remover to remove paint at home from nails.

2. Toe Nail Clippers

For perfect nails at home, the basic tip is to clip off the growing nails with a toenail clipper. Invest in a toe clipper that is made of steel. They are resilient and long lasting.

3. File Nails

Perfect nails at home are impossible without filing them appropriately. Preferably nails should be filed in an almond shape since it is easy to maintain. When filing, put slight pressure and hold the emery board at an angle. Always use the fine side of the emery board. Start filing from the extreme corner moving to the edges of the nails to ensure no rough areas are present. If there are, then continue filing to attain perfect nails.

4. Home manicure

To attain perfect nails at home, one needs to know how to do a manicure. It is easy. Just remove the nail polish, wash your and dry your hands. After filing and removing dust, soak your hands in warm soapy water for 15 minutes.

After that, push back the cuticle with an orange stick. Apply hands cream or any lotion, even basic Vaseline would do. Massage it well. Remove the excess with a towel. Then apply a base coat to nails. Dry it and then apply any color that you like.

5. Clear base coat

The importance of clear base is this that it gives a nice foundation to the polish. Therefore when doing your perfect nails at home, make sure before you apply a nail color.You apply a clear base coat first.

6. Rub Lemon

Perfect nails with soft hands are ideal. To make the nails glow, rub freshly squeezed lemon on nails and finger. This acts as a bleaching agent and adds shine to your perfect nails.

7. Rubber gloves

Purchase a pair of rubber gloves that you wear while doing your dishes or cutting. Because during this, is when most of your nails breakaway. Not only does it protect your from nails breaking away but also protects hands from detergents. Therefore runner gloves are Vital for the maintenance of your perfect nails.

8. Lotion

Whenever you take a shower or bath and then apply moisturizer or lotion to body. Do the same to your nails. This will easily make you get perfect nails at home.

9. Diet

Nothing is possible without a diet that includes essential nutrients. To maintain those perfect nails you have to improve on your diet.

I hope you Inco-operate a few tricks to add the extra glow to your hands and trim your nails to have perfect nails at home. Since it is always not easy, on the pocket and on the city condition to reach a saloon regularly. Hands need a day-to-day care for which these simple do-able tricks will help you a lot.

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