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10 Beauty Lies That Will Come Back to Haunt You

10 Beauty Lies

Lying, either because you think telling the truth is embarrassing or because you think you know better than a professional, can turn out to be one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Some lies are particularly dangerous, whether you’re telling them to a dermatologist, a cosmetologist or a registered aesthetician.

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Whether you’re in a doctor’s office or a spa, here are the beauty lies that will come back to haunt you. Be honest with yourself and with the qualified professional so you don’t end up taking big risks or making the wrong decisions for your skin.

10 Beauty Lies

1. Saying It Doesn’t Hurt

Some procedures aren’t supposed to hurt a lot, and by baring it and telling your dermatologist or aesthetician that it doesn’t really hurt, you might end up putting a lot of pressure on your skin. Even if you absolutely need a treatment before a special occasion, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll be fine after the pain is over.

2. Claiming You Don’t Get Cold Sores

There are many treatment that can create complications when cold sores are involved. If you have herpes and experienced cold sores on your lips before, be truthful about it. It’s one of the beauty lies that will come back to haunt you, particularly if you’re getting a laser procedure or a facial peel. If you lie about it, you risk a worse infection and even scarring.

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3. Lying About Sun Exposure

A lot of beauty treatments also become risky when you’re not telling the truth about the sun exposure you’ve experienced or will experience. Laser treatments are particularly tricky, but getting microdermabrasion before leaving for a holiday at the beach is also very risky. Be honest about the sun protection you use, even if you’re just getting a chemical peel.

4. Not Mentioning Restrictive Diets

When you’re seeing a dermatologist, they need the full picture in order to determine the causes and treatments for your skin problems. If you’re not getting enough calories or vitamins and minerals, your skin will suffer. This is definitely one of the beauty lies that will come back to haunt you, since you might end up using topical medication for problems that could be solved with a more balanced diet or a multivitamin.

Don’t Get Cold Sores

5. Bending the Truth About Botox

Injectables can also cause problems, so you should always be honest to your dermatologist about what you’ve had and when you’ve had it. If you don’t disclose all the details, you can risk serious health problems.

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6. Omitting Certain Products and Treatments

Solving a skin issue with the help of your dermatologist doesn’t work out for the best when you’re not being entirely truthful about your skin care regimen. You need full disclosure, from topical products to homemade facials. Even leaving out products you only use occasionally can turn into one of the beauty lies that will come back to haunt you, because of interactions between ingredients.

7. Lying About Smoking

Even if you’re trying your best to quit, you need to tell the truth about your smoking habits, particularly the frequency. You’ll be able to get recommendations from products that can partially protect your skin, and you should also disclose it before any laser treatment, because smoking can affect circulation and healing times.

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8. Claiming That You’ve Been Following Prescriptions

If you were honest at your first consultation with a dermatologist, keep it up. One of the beauty lies that will come back to haunt you is claiming that you’ve been using the recommended products when you haven’t. You’ll only get stronger prescriptions that could end up irritating your skin.

You’ve Been Following Prescriptions

9. Not Disclosing Other Prescriptions

It can be embarrassing to talk to your dermatologist about medication you’re taking for STD and digestive problems, but they can also have a big impact on your skin. Be honest about all prescriptions from other specialists and about any dietary supplements.

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10. Lying About Moles

One of the most dangerous beauty lies that will come back to haunt you is saying that you don’t have any moles. If you don’t get them checked regularly, you risk developing skin cancer and detecting it too late.

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