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Economical Manicure Treatment with Home Base Manicure Ideas

A good manicure treatment is what every girl wishes. But a good manicure treatment is a costly way of pampering one’s self if you plan to get a manicure treatment at a good nail spa. But this problem can be solved by putting to use the home base manicure ideas. With home base manicure ideas you cannot just pamper yourself but give a nice manicure treatment to your loved ones too and they will surely appreciate your effort to give them a manicure treatment.

  •  Pre-requisites for home base manicure ideas

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you plan to use home base manicure ideas and do a good manicure treatment which is similar to the manicure treatment at a good nail spa. You will need a manicure treatment toolkit in which should include a nail clipper, buffer, nail filer, cotton balls and vitamin-E oil. These are a few essentials for implementing you home base manicure ideas effectively.

  • Sterlization-Esential to salon and home base manicure ideas

Another thing about which you should be aware of before doing a manicure is that always ensure that the manicure treatment tools are sterilized even if you have just used them for your own self. Do not take any chances with skin and ensure hygiene before starting the manicure treatment. In fact, it is one of the most important pointers of home base manicure ideas as well as salon based manicure treatment.

  •  Starting off with manicure treatment

Start off the manicure treatment by dipping hands in luke warm water in a big bowl that has just a teaspoon of shampoo, body wash or manicure lotion in it. After 10 minutes take out the hands and dry them with a clean towel. The towel for manicure treatment should also be clean and hygienic. Hygiene is primary element for home base manicure ideas and salon based alike.

  •  Nail Trimming-Crucial to manicure treatment

Now cut and trim them well. Some people do not cut nails during a manicure treatment which is totally wrong. Trimming he nails is essential in manicure treatment and it is equally important for home base manicure ideas as well as spa manicure treatment to get nails well trimmed. After that, file the nails well and give them the desired shape. Never cut the nails to short as it can lead to nail infections which occur during manicure treatment.

  •  Getting rid of dead skin through home base manicure ideas

An important thing to note over here while carrying out a manicure treatment is that if you wish to get rid of dead skin underneath your nails then never do it with a metal cuticle rather, use a wooden cuticle carefully and do not penetrate much underneath the skin. Mark it as an important point in home base manicure ideas too.

  •  Buffer usage in home base manicure ideas

Use a buffer to smooth the top of your nails and then apply a good hand lotion on your hands. If you want to give a very professional look to the final stage of your manicure treatment then apply a clear nail polish on the nails and keep the look of nails natural after a good manicure treatment. In home base manicure ideas, pay special attention to applying the base and top coat if you plan to apply colored nail polishes in order to get a maximum professional manicure treatment look.

  •  Similar manicure treatment for French manicure

You can also do French manicure treatment like this. The only difference would be the application of nail polishes; otherwise, the entire manicure treatment and pattern of home base manicure ideas would be the same.

Enjoy pampering you and your peers with a great manicure treatment using home base manicure ideas and get the same professional look just like the look got from professional nail spa.

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