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Valentine’s Day 7 Nail Art Ideas You Really Love.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to adorn your fingertips with hearts, glitter, and multiple shades of pink. But if you’re looking for a love-inspired nail art idea that’s a little less obvious, we found that too. From ultra-girly to plenty of edges, you’ll love these V-Day 2020 manicure ideas long after that last chocolate has disappeared from the heart-shaped box.

February 14 is just a damn day, and whether or not you celebrate it shouldn’t (and doesn’t!) actually matter or say anything about you as a human. That said, I basically love any excuse to get a cute manicure—hence my appreciation for Valentine’s Day nails.

1.Red And Pink Nails

Red and pink nails have been a hot trend for several seasons. That’s because they are fun, flirty, and feminine – which is everything you want in your manicure! While red is the colour that represents good luck and success, delicate pink adds a touch of romance and playfulness. For a fashion-forward take, try a reverse manicure with the pink shape at the base of your nail, instead of the tip.

2.Pearl Nails



An even more dreamy and luxurious take on the jewelled manicure is pearl detail luxury nails. While you could go all out and encrust your nails with iridescent faux pearls, there are more understated options too. One choice is to take inspiration from the oceanic origin of pearls. Have your manicurist start with a fleshy base coat that looks like the inside of an oyster. Add a pearl bead to one finger on each hand, and give the others a ‘water droplet’ effect. The result is a manicure fit for a mermaid!

3.Metallic Luxury Nails

If you’re a fan of shimmer and shine, go all out with a molten metal manicure. These nails look like they’ve been dipped in gold or silver, with a gorgeous sparkly finish. For even more luxury, add sequins or mini crystals. These extra elements give your manicure a 3D texture that looks amazing on camera as well as in real life. Let your metallic luxury nails do all the talking and pair them with a classic black or white outfit.

4. Red Tips for Valentine’s Day


Modern French manicures are back in full force this year, as seen in this cool manicure that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Go for a deep, rich red to really bring the look home.

5.Ombré manicure


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No neon nails just the basic nude with little shimmer #sundayspecial #selfcare #lifestyle 🤩

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Like, yes, this manicure is probably too complex to DIY for Valentine’s Day, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t bring this pic to your salon for inspo.

Pro tip: A glossy top coat looks insanely pretty over ombré nail polish.

6.Nude And Black Nails


For a softer take on a contrast manicure, try nude and black instead of black and white nails. They are perfect for those who have an understated yet classic style, who want to experiment a little while maintaining the sophistication of a nude base coat. The black accents give these nails a subtle artistic edge. Even better, they look amazing with winter colours like red and gold.

7. Black And Silver Outline Nails


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One of the chicest twists on the French manicure is outline nails. In addition to the nail tip, your manicurist will also paint a contrasting crescent at the base of your nail. As in a classic French mani, the centre of your nails will stay a matte nude shade. This season, black and silver outline nails are trending. Simple yet sophisticated, the design suits those with a minimalist sense of style who want a manicure that’s classic yet a little daring.

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