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How to Use Spray on Hair Properly?

Use Spray

Hair sprays are a very important feature to good hair styling however, there are many misconceptions related to using hair sprays. Some of them are actually true which include making you lose hair, making your hair oily, rough or sticky. However, there are proper ways to use hair spray on your hair.

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How to Use Spray

Here are some tips that you can easily follow for gorgeous hairdos with the help of a hair spray. Choose a hair spray which is actually made for your hair type. There are various hair sprays available at stores, some of which are good for oily hair, some for dry hair and some for combination hair. There are other types too which include hair sprays for colored or dyed hair. Make sure you choose them wisely. [contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png]

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How to Use Spray

Always go for a well renowned company. Hold the spray at some distance from you hair as hair spray from close by can damage your hair. Never use a hot curling iron or a flat iron on sprayed hair as your hair will begin to burn and discolor. Make sure you have shaken the hair spray bottle well before use as an unshaken bottle will make think chunks of “spray” come out which does not spread evenly on your hair.[contentblock id=3 img=adsense.png]Women Use Hair Spray

Thus, desired results are not achieved. Never put hair spray on your roots and apply it on your ends only. Best way to apply it is to spray some on your hands and spread it evenly on hair. This is best for women with sensitive hair.

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