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5 Vintage Hairstyles For Women

Ranging from moods, fruits, vegetables, outfits, make overs in fact everything seems to be affected by seasons.  Hairstyles for women and men similarly do not go unaffected by these phenomena of nature. Beauticians all across the globe suggest that one should follow the trends set be seasons in order to look trendy and appealing. This is why when it comes to vintage season when grapes bloom and wine is produced women and men should celebrate this season with equal fervor and festivity.

Getting the latest and trendy vintage hairstyles is one great way of celebrating the season as it reflects your passion and excitement immediately. If the history of special vintage hairstyles is traced down we shall find this trend to be in fashion since Victorian times. Women and men did make special efforts to look apt according to the current season and the employment of special vintage hairstyles was given much significance. In case of women this trend of getting trendy and sleek vintage hairstyle is more common than in men. Here are a few vintage hairstyles for women who you may want to get and look sexy and trendy.

• Faux Bangs

Faux Bangs are one of the most popular vintage hairstyles for women since they fully reflect your excitement and zeal for the season. The best thing about Faux Bangs is that they can go with any style in the bottom. Pony tails or buns all look equally sexy with Faux Bangs. Moreover if you use pins and other accessories you can get much funkier look.

• Louise Brooks’ Bob Cut

Louise Brooks’ bob cut has been in fashion also is one of the most popular vintage hairstyles for women in all times. A specialty of this hairstyle is that it gives you a very trendy and contemporary look which is less striven for. Styles of bob cuts have been played with and re experimented with. The latest version of Louise Brooks’ bob is the sharp bob cut which has surpassed the boundaries of only vintage hairstyles to random and evergreen hairstyles which can be worn any time during the year.

• Victory Rolls

Victory rolls also take lead in popular vintage hairstyles for women. In this style two roles are made on the top of the head using special rollers and techniques which can be easily found on the internet as well as with beauticians who offer special tutorials on vintage hairstyles. For getting this popular hairstyle for women you need to do quite a lot of back combing, hair grips and hair sprays to tighten the grip of the rolls ensuring that they do not loosen or open up in public. This design was worn in world war one by women to express their gratitude to the heroes who lost their lives.

• Elizabeth Taylor’s Modernized Bob

Bob cuts have also managed to take keen positions in vintage hairstyles. Elizabeth Taylor’s special style in bob cuts has been a reason for her being a heart throb of millions all across the globe. Her style of bob has been taken up by models in their special vintage hairstyles looks yet in a modernized way that looks more sexy and appealing. The normal bob with an addition of nice and sharp flick on the front can makes you different. If you are getting this cut in terms of a vintage hairstyle then get your flick dyed in any suitable vintage color.

• Pony Tails

Pony tails have not only been immensely popular vintage hairstyles for women but they are and have been used all across the globe. Teen age girls use it in various forms and look trendy and stylish. When it comes to using pony tails in vintage hairstyles you may just want to curl your hair at the back or straighten them fully. Another popular trend in vintage hairstyles is the use of fancy pins and grips in pony tails that tightly secure the hair and give you a comfortable feeling along with a sleek and confident look that goes fully with the season.

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