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How to Shape Your Daughter Eyebrows

eyebrow shaping

Once your daughter first asks her brows to be shaped by one, it could experience just a little nerve-wracking. They have was able to choose garments, play with hair and makeup, nevertheless they are relying one to give them that excellent encounter framer. It is far better take a professional her, but if finances are tight, don’t worry. Tweezing enables full detail of plucking one hair at a time, and also the luxury. Follow these straightforward strategies for success.

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 Eyebrows Shape


Since warm water opens the hair follicles and allows for an easy removal, grab your girl right out of the shower to give her a painless start. Once you are ready to start the process, grab a makeup pencil and begin with the center of her brows. Line up the pencil with the outside of her nostril and face it straight up, through the inside corner of her eye. Make a mark where the pencil ends on her brow. This should be where the center of her brow begins. Repeat this on the other side to ensure a mirrored effect. The middle of her nose should line up perfectly in between the two marks. Begin tweezing every hair on the inside of these two marks. Go slowly so you don’t over tweeze.

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Next, move on to the outside ends of her brows. Once again, line up your pencil from her nostril, but this time angle it towards the outside corner of her eye. This should be around a forty-five degree angle. Make a mark where the pencil lands on her brows. Repeat this on the other side. These marks will be where both brows should end. Take a step back and check that the marks are even on both sides. If so, begin slowly plucking the stray hairs on the outsides of these marks.


Enhancing your daughter’s arch is what will make her eyebrows look very defined. To find where the highest point of the arch should be, have her look straight forward, take your pencil and line it up from the nostril right through the center of her pupil. Wherever the pencil meets the brow, make another mark and repeat on the other side. Make sure both sides are even. The higher the arch, the more angular the brows will look. Try to follow the natural arch of her brows to give her a look that will suit her face.

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Now that you have three marks on each brow, simply connect the dots. This will determine the thickness of her brows. Try to begin with a thicker brow since you can’t go backwards once you’ve already plucked the hairs. Tampering with the hairs above the brow is very difficult and should be left to the professionals. Focus on the side below the brow to create the shape. If there are obvious stray hairs far out of line above the brow, you may pluck those carefully. Once you’ve connected the dots with two straight lines, step back to make sure both sides are even. If they are, pluck the stray hairs below the line. If you desire a thinner look, repeat the process with a higher line. Try to make the lines parallel to the top lines. Once completed, wash off the extra pencil marks.

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