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Pretty Nail Polish Ideas to Try This Summer

Summer Nail Polish

Nail Polish IdeasSummers are the time when every woman starts looking at her hand and she wants her hand to look more colorful. Color can be only added by using beautiful nail polishes. Summers nail polish are different as compare to winters one. There are a lot of nail polish ideas which woman can try these summers and their hands will look beautiful and attractive. Summer is a season of color so there are too many nail polish ideas which you can try and feel different.

There are a variety of shades in summer nail polish; here we will talk about some ideas.

One of the oldest and yet very trendy nail polish idea has been French manicure. In this the tip color is pink or you can use white and the other area is covered with white transparent shiner. It is very popular summer nail polish idea and it looks really natural. French manicure is for evening and for day wear too. It gives a natural effect.  French manicure is easy and there are kits available in the markets so women grab them and do french manicure.

Another trend and style in nail polish which is famous is the magnetic nail color. All you have to do is that apply the lacquer and then hold the magnet on each of your nail at the end apply a coat of voila. This is the much hit summer nail polish idea, it makes your hands look shinny and the nails give a 3D effect.

Every year nail polish ideas changes but in this summer’s ombre nail color is the hottest. You can also do manicure with this color, use this color on the tips of the nail and in the rest of the area use only shiner. This color will make your hands look elegant and classy.

Usually woman uses dark color nail polishes in winter but the trend has changed the hottest summer nail polish idea this summer’s is to use dark nail polishes. Black is the hottest summer nail polish color. Black is a very rich color your hand and feet look really hot and sexy in black nail color.

Dusty purple is another hottest summer nail polish idea. Apply two coats of this color. You can even get nail color of the marks and Spencer. They have the hottest colors in one box and their quality is outstanding. Burgundy is also the trendy color of these summers. Other than that soft peachy and coral color is the best summer nail polish color. Coral color is a day wear color. They make you feel cooler and give you a pleasant feeling.

Nail polish ideas for summer are orange and the combination of red. These two colors compliment each other. Use the lighter color orange on the tips and darker red on the other area. The summer nail polish also includes colors like neutral, buff, beige and cream colors. They are always in and suit every skin type and age group. Neutral colors nail colors give a neat look to your feet’s.

Moreover, spectrum and light shades of nail polishes are very trendy and they perfect for summers. Green is the color of summers. There are shades of green which are for summer nail polish. Emerald green is the color of summers, it is a new color and it has a rich look at it so try out this color in summers. Mint green is another very famous nail color of summers; it is really a very catchy color.

Red is the color of all seasons. Nail polish idea in summer is to use dark red especially in the evening and at night parties. It is a very bold color and if you are wearing this color on the nails it looks that you are bold and have strong aesthetics. Red is the king of all the colors.

Summers nail polish colors and ideas are really different this year so try out the new ideas to look more gorgeous and sexier.

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