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10 Eyeliner Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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When you’re out of eyeliner, there are a couple of quick hacks you can use to draw a perfect line. Applying mascara with an eyeliner brush is one way to get a quick eyeliner fix, but only on the eyelid, never on the waterline. If you’re out of mascara too, then simply use a wet eyeliner brush and dip it in eyeshadow before applying. There’s a lot more you can do if you do have a pencil eyeliner. Try some of the best eyeliner hacks and you’ll be able to create the perfect look quicker and more precisely.

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Eyeliner Hacks

1.Heat Your Pencil Eyeliner

A dry or crumbly pencil eyeliner can actually scratch your skin, making the application less than pleasant, especially on the waterline. Heat it for a few seconds with your hairdryer in order to get a softer, more manageable texture. If you heat it with a lighter, you’ll get a different texture, similar to gel eyeliner, but make sure to try it on the back of your hand first to make sure it’s not too hot for your eyelids and it has the texture you want.Pencil Eyeliner

2. Double Up with Pencil and Liquid Eyeliner

When you’re having trouble drawing a perfect line with your liquid eyeliner, use one of the best eyeliner hacks and start with a pencil first. The liquid eyeliner will stay put over the pencil just as well as without it, but if you make a mistake, it’ll be easier to clean up.

3. Get a Straight Line with a Business Card

Whether you’re using a pencil, liquid or gel eyeliner, drawing a perfectly straight line isn’t easy. Forget about fixing your mistakes and simply use a business card to get a perfectly straight flick at the outer corner of your eyes. Whether you’re going for a cat eye look or just want a little eyeliner extension, this simple trick can help you get a straight line right away.[contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png]Eyeliner

4. Use a Skin-Colored Eyeliner to Fix Mistakes

One of the best eyeliner hacks for getting a sharp line or just fixing eyeliner mistake is to simply use an eyeliner that perfectly matches your skin tone. That way, you don’t have to wipe the dark eyeliner off to fix a smudge, simply add the flesh toned one on top.

5. Get the Best Line by Starting From the Outer Corner

For a truly professional look, don’t start the eyeliner application at the inner corner of your eye. Decide on the shape you want at the end and start there. If you’re going for a more natural look, you can even stop midway through your eyelid, but doing the outer corner first helps you get a more defined look.

6. Try Eyeshadow for Smudging

One of the best eyeliner hacks replaces the smudger at the end of many pencil eyeliner, which doesn’t always help you achieve the look you’re going for. Instead, grab an eyeshadow in the same shade as your eyeliner and use a smudge brush for a smoky look that stays put throughout the day.[contentblock id=3 img=adsense.png]Eyeshadow

7. Make Soft Colors Pop

When you’re trying to get the right look with an eyeshadow that doesn’t have a lot of pigment, your white eyeliner can help you out. Simply apply it on your lid before the shadow, in order to make the delicate shade of the eyeshadow really come through.

8. Set Your Eyeliner with Eyeshadow

If you want a long lasting look, try one of the best eyeliner hacks that always works, whether you’re using a liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner. Once you’ve got the perfect line, apply a touch of eyeshadow in the same shade over the liner. If you want a well defined look, this simple trick will keep the liner in place for longer, without a trace of smudging.Eyeliner

9. Sharpen Your Rough Lines

When you simply can’t seem to master the perfectly defined line and you’re in a hurry, you can fix any mistakes in a simple way. Start out by applying the eyeliner as well as you can. Take a Q-tip, dip it in petroleum jelly and gently run it at the top of bottom of the line to get the best definition. You’ll end up with a sharp line.

10. Enhance Your Eyes with White Eyeliner

Whether you’re going for a smoky look or a more natural one, one of the best eyeliner hacks is finishing your look with white eyeliner on the waterline. This will balance any dark shades on your lids and make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

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