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How to Create a Half-Moon Nails in 6 Easy Steps

Half Moon Nails

This style can also be fast to complete if you’re superior having a nail-art comb then. The important thing to some half-moon that is great-looking style gets each claw similar. That’s the aspect that was difficult, especially if you’re carrying out a more complicated edition like today’s Improved Half-Moon style. Concern not although There’s three similar traces on each claw , completely possible with only a fingernail brush. But when you’re not really a brush- master we’ve got of carrying it out a simpler method.

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Things You NEED:

  • Peach, Bright Orchid and Silver Nail Polishes
  • A Fast-Drying Top Coat
  • A Thick Striping Nail Art Brush
  • Circle Nail Art StencilsHalf Moon Nails

1: Apply your favorite base and follow up with two coats of peach nail polish. Apply 1 coat of fast-drying top coat. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

2: Once the base is is dry, apply circle nail stencils* (as pictured) on all nails.

3: With a striping nail art brush, apply silver nail polish as pictured on all nails.

4: Accurately remove the tape.

5: With a striping nail art brush, use bright purple nail polish fill the space between the silver lines.

6: Accurately clean up around the cuticles and apply two coats of a clear fast-drying top coat on all nails.

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