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Enhance your Overall Look with Breast Care

Breast Care Tips

Enhance your Look with Breast CareWomen undergo many hardships to look good. Some get regular salon trips to stay neat and clean. others spend a fortune shopping to wear new and stylish clothes. Then there are also others who starve themselves to maintain their weight. However what most women don’t realize is that they can enhance their overall look with proper breast care only.

Breast care does not involve getting surgery done at an age when they start sagging but breast care is about doing the right exercises and all. Here are a few tips on breast care that can help you with your overall look.


For a proper breast care low intensity exercises can be performed with a set of three pound dumb bell. In order to do this exercise you need to lie down and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Then slowly extend your arms out at the shoulder level.Rise both the arms straight up above your body. Now try to keep your elbow slightly bent to let the dumbbells meet over your chest. Then return the weights out to your shoulders height. In order to keep a good breast care you should do this exercise at least 13 to 15 minutes.

The other exercise for breast care is to lie on a mat, extend arms with holding the dumbbells up in the air. Now lower your weights by bending elbows and then extend your elbows out at shoulder level. After this extend your arms back to chest. These two exercises are essential for a proper breast care.


The right kind of breast care comes with the right kind of nutrition. An effective nutritional requirement is essential for breast care in every woman. This is especially important for women who are either post pregnancy or menopausal. The nutrition for breast care involves antioxidants, beta carotene, vitamin C and E. The mineral selenium is also vital for breast care. One should avoid fats. Use extra virgin olive oil and oily fish. These have the right nutritive value that helps in breast care. Proteins should be added more in diet. Since proteins are building blocks of body.

Try to stop tea, coffee, chocolate and alcohol consumption for the better growth of your breast. The right kind of breast care involves the right kind of eating habits hence avoid these caffeinated drinks much as possible.

Bra Size

The other essential tip is to wear the right size of bra. The breast care by wearing the right bra size is important. Also the style of bra plays a huge look in your overall look. Pushup bras, padded ones and half cups make your breast look larger and plumper. Large breasts need a god breast care by wearing either a full cup bra, sports bra or under wire bra.


Just as it is important to massage your skin on face, it is equally important to massage your breasts too. For an appropriate breast care you need to massage them well. These helps increase circulation and absorb fat cells. Do this daily for 15 minutes with a moisturizer. An anti-aging moisturizer can be used over a plump skin. All this is important in breast care.

These are several ways by which you can enhance your overall look by breast care only. Many women with increasing age opt for a surgery to make their breasts get back in shape. Surgery comes with its own complications hence adopting these breast care techniques can help you attain the shape you want. This will also make you feel confident and enhance your overlook too. All with just breast care only no need to go shopping or spas.

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