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How to Walk in Heels

Heels Walking Ideas

Amongst the footwear heels are the favorite of ladies of every age and time. Heels possess the primary importance in the field of fashion industry. There I must say the heels are the important pillar of fashion world. Heels have no boundary around the globe. Every country have huge fan following for heels.

Heels Walking Tips

Ladies love to wear heels; designers give a complete range of heel lovers every year on their new showcase. It is the fact that heels give you the most elegant look; this is the reason when ladies want to look gorgeous and prominent somewhere they prefer to wear heels. Following are some tips for you how to walk in heels comfortably.

Basics of wearing Heels

  • Firstly, look at your health; are you healthy enough to wear heels? As heels are purely related to the women, it must be considered that in what health condition and age you are wearing heels. Pregnant women are forbid to wear heels during pregnancy just to avoid the complication in delivery. Old ladies are not supposed to wear heels as due to old age they have weak bones, if they fall from heels there are more chances of getting injured.
  • Keep good quality of heels; don’t go for the cheap price heels. Cheap price heels are unable to maintain the required quality of heels to walk comfortably.
  • Always select comfortable heels.
  • Select the comfortable height of heels, keep the reality, a model on ramp and you are admiring her for her 8 to 10 inches heels. Don’t dare to wear that heel in your practical life, or on real events of your life. All the things in fashion world are not supposed to follow.

How to Walk in Heels

How to walk in heels needs technical knowledge about heels. You might have seen the ladies in heels looking like a bamboo or tower; they immediately lose their femininity by wearing heels as they don’t know how to walk in heels.

Evaluate the Comfort

In heel purchasing keep in mind that it must be comfortable for you. Always check heels through walking in heels for 5 minute in shoe store. Within 5 minute you came to know either you are able to walk in this heel or not.

Keep your Senses On

In heels your walk depends upon your senses, you must be aware of it that where you are walking. If the ground is not supporting walk carefully and take little steps. Don’t make jumps in climbing the unbalance surface. On rough place always take little steps. Your dress and heels should complement each other. With regular jeans and t-shirts you are supposed to wear 6 inch party heel.

Don’t get Conscious

Wearing heels is normal, if you don’t know how to walk in heels be relaxed it’s not a giant issue. Walking in heels is very simple and easy if you are not worried. Don’t get conscious over the issue. Keep slow and less movement and don’t go on the way that is unbalance.

Swift Movement Needs Practice

If you longs for swift movement with elegant heels, practice to walk in heels before going to the party. Wear your heels at home and do your all house chores in heels. This technique will give you abundant confidence to carry heels comfortably.


Though heels look elegant and people love to wear and want to see women in delicate heels, but there are certain health hazard related to heels. Don’t fall in habit of wearing heels every time and everywhere. Use heels occasionally, after coming to the party message your feet, soak you feet in warm water with salt to release the tension which causes by heels on the bones of your feet.

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