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How to Find your Perfect Bra Size

Find your Bra Size

Bra SizeMany of the women still don’t know what their perfect bra size is. The first and the important thing is to know that which bra size fits you well. Almost 85% women in the world are wearing wrong sizes of bras. One should wear perfect bra size as it’s good for the breast because tight bra size can be dangerous for your breast. There are many ways one can know how to get perfect bra size.

1. Measure Your Band Size

The first and important point to get the perfect bra size is to take a measuring tape and measure the area  which is under your breast area. The measurement you take should must be accurate. The size which is on the measuring tape is called your band size. It is the width and it is the number of bra such as 32, 34 or 36.

When you measure it if some even number comes you can easily get the bra because the market bra sizes comes in even number but when you have some odd number then it is difficult to find perfect bra size because then you have to try two sizes and see that which one fits you well. Try one tighter bra and one loser one but many times tighter bras fits you well because they give the breast perfect shape.

2. Measure Your Cup Size

Another way to find perfect bra size is to measure your cup size. Many of the women wear the wrong cup size because they think cup size is according to the figure. Perfect bra size can only be attained when you know your perfect band size.
To get the perfect bra sizes you must look at the size of the bra you wear now and then look at the old bandwidth and then compare both of them. This way you will find the perfect cup size.

When you want a perfect bra size you should be wearing a plain bra which is UN padded. When you do the measurement then subtracts the band size from it such as your band size is 36 and the other measurement is 39 so your size will be 36c.

3. Adjustments

To get a perfect bra size you need to have a proper adjusted bra. The first thing for a perfect bra size is the band with, if the straps of the bras are tight and well fitted and you can easily breathe in it than its means that the bra size is perfect.
If you want to get the perfect bra size then you need to also try it on the shirt so that you can see that there are no bumps.

There are many other rules to get a perfect bra size such as that when you do your measurement make sure that someone expert do it otherwise you will get a wrong size. The best way to get perfect bra size is that you can do the measurement while you are wearing the bras so that you get the exact measurements.

Before getting a perfect bra size you must try new and different styles of bra because every style fitting is different and this way you will get to know which is the best style for your breast.

To get the perfect bra size you need enough time. Go for bra shopping when you have time and a good partner. It is very important to get the best bra according to your breast size because bra makes the shape of the shirt.  If you want to know that which is the best bra for you than that bra is good for you which is very comfortable and not painful when you wear it.

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