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Beauty Tips for Spring Season

Spring Beauty Tips

Spring Beauty TipsAfter the dry and chilly weather, spring season calls for a refreshing look like the weather itself. So, it is time to refresh your beauty routine and make a few changes for your skin to suit the requirements of the weather. So is the case with the makeup as well. A few small changes will make you look fresh and beautiful in the spring season.

Beauty tips for spring can include a few changes in the kind of products that you use for your skin. The chilly weather requires a heavier moisturizing and conditioning for the skin and hair. However, a rather warmer weather of spring does not require that.

The beautiful spring season that is full of colors and joy calls for a few changes in your makeup selection as well. Brighter and bold colors are no more required. A little soft and subtle look will do better.

• Moisturizer

Replace your moisturizer with a lighter one. A good beauty tip for spring is to use a mild moisturizer with cucumber and camellia extracts in it to avoid tanning and give a cooling effect.

• Cleansing

Cleanse your face twice a day with a mild cleanser keeping in mind your skin type. Do not use oil free product unless you have acne problem. Other harsh products might also trigger skin problems. It would be better if your cleanser has glycerin in it.

• Foundation

Time for some nice looking makeup for spring season! Go for light textured tinted liquid foundation for a more light and natural finish. Heavy foundation is no more required. It will cause a cakey look because the skin starts sweating in the spring.

• Eyes

A few changes in the bold approach for the eye makeup is no more needed. Go for light neutral colors for the eyes in the spring. A soft eye liner will also do the job for the day look. In the evening, go for softer smokey look to give a natural but glamorous look.

• Lips

Use lip balms for the beauty tips for spring to keep the lips soft and smooth. You can also use the tinted balms for a lighter and natural look. Use peachy colors or different shades of pinks and browns. For the evenings, a little bolder look will do well.

• Facials

An important beauty tip for spring is that if you are not much fond of facials, manicure and pedicure; then it’s about time that you start thinking about them seriously. Spring is the time when your pores start opening and your skin starts sweating. So it is better to start taking care of your skin with more concern.

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