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Get Soft and irresistibly beautiful hands

Get Soft and irresistibly beautiful hands

Beauty does not only lie in the curve of her waist or the strands of her hair teasing her eyes and kissing those soft lips, beauty reflects in each breath she takes, in each meal she makes, in her caring hands, in her praying lips and in her loving eyes.

However, it is always good to polish that eternal beauty which woman is made up off. We off course spend hours and hours in polishing and cleansing our face, but amidst all those dish washing and cooking; our hands keep on getting neglected and lose their charm and softness. Those soft and slender fingers become victim of cuts and burns in our daily routine; it’s always good to take care of your hands as they are the next visible things after face.

You’ve been cooking delicious meals for your men and family for ages, come on let’s get a bit un-usual and make some delightful recipes for those wrinkled, dull looking hands. Yes, here are some home-made scrub tips to make your hands look irresistibly soft and beautiful.

Cocoa Butter and Grape seed oil scrub

To make this divine scrub, melt six tablespoons of cocoa butter in microwave. Add two and half teaspoons each of water and Grape seed oil to the melted cocoa butter. Once the mixture has reached the room temperature, whip it nicely and add five drops of sandalwood essential oil to store the mixture in a clean glass container. Add a tablespoon of brown sugar to the mixture, just before you exfoliate your hands.

Sugar, Ylang Ylang and Almond Oil Scrub

To prepare this delightful treat for your hands, combine a half cup of sugar with two tablespoons of almond oil and two drops of ylang ylang and orange essential oil. Mix the ingredients vigorously in a clean glass bowl. Take a small quantity of the mixture, evenly spread over the hands and massage in circular motion over the entire hand region before rinsing it off with cold water.

Epson Salt and Olive Oil Hand Scrub

Mix together a quarter cup of olive oil, with half a teaspoon of lavender oil and a cup of Epsom salts. Leave the mixture for about a day to allow it to set. Then take a small quantity of the scrub and rub it over the entire hand gently. Rinse off with cold water, and see the results yourself, smooth, baby soft and beautiful touchable hands.

Get some time out of your busy routine and give some time to your hands to make them happy and absolutely irresistible for your man ;)

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