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Office Romance: How To Manage It Without Losing Job

Life is not just black and white, patches of it are grey. All those who work can totally understand that they cannot be a totally different person at work and a totally different person at home. If you carry some of the stress from work to home; you also carry some of the tensions from home to work. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we just went to work; to actually work? With all the office politics and different personalities it sometimes gets easier to think of the work place as a TV series.

Men know this aspect of going to office better; they would like some incentive apart from the salary to keep the workplace alive and a place they keep attracted to. Who wouldn’t like a well dressed elegant colleague when he has left home while her wife was continuously complaining about what had to be fixed at the house. Ladies you drool over the handsome guy in sales with the innocent crush at the office. Office romance isn’t all that bad after all; does some flirting and some office romance affairs gets everything complicated. Your office romance can up the stakes on your job especially if your partner is your boss.

Some of the office romance tips which will keep your life brilliantly black and white would include;

• Know the work place ethics

Do not forget to know the workplace ethics from the company’s handbook. If it says no relationships between coworkers then it has to be a big no to relationships at work. Check with human resources before you get involved into something that can get you jobless eventually.

• Be professional at office and affectionate otherwise

No matter what kind of a relationship you have with your colleagues, keep the nature of the relationships simple and easy to handle. Keep things highly professional in the office premises and keep it personal out of the office. Avail the social events of the company to flirt with the colleagues without disturbing the office environment and without jeopardizing the job.

• Know how to handle relationships

When you get into it you definitely know what kind of a relationship it is. Sometimes a relationship doesn’t go on forever there is a time when it has to end. If it is an office romance affair and the office romance has been going on for long; something goes wrong and the affair comes to end; then you need to know how to handle the break up with a co-worker professionally. Make sure your personal life is not the element of the office gossip.

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