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How to Avoid Workplace Romance

A workplace romance can be problematic in many ways. You could get yourself caught up in awkward situations find no way out Love is a total distraction so it could also distract you from producing.Quality work and create an uncomfortable environment at the workplace for you and your colleagues It could also lead to worst situations like a disciplinary action from your employer such as suspension or even worse like losing your job. You should be cautious from the beginning to avoid bizarre situations at the workplace. Here are some tips how you could avoid workplace romance:

Be Professional

The first and foremost thing at workplace is being professional. It is the best way to avoid romance at workplace and any kind of misunderstandings regarding your behavior. Your friendly behavior and caring attitude could be considered as an encouragement for a romantic relationship. You need to limit your affectionate feelings and behavior at workplace to discourage unwanted situations and edge your friendships that show signs of intimacy. You must also avoid flirty words and phrases at workplace. Flirting with your bosses or coworkers could put you in an awkward position later on. Being professional is the key.

Company Policy

Company policy is an inevitable thing to keep ahead of everything. Some companies allow you workplace Romance but most formally discourage it. Office romances create a weird environment, increasing prejudice and favoritism, especially when it is between top level personnel and their subordinates. Company manuals may contain policies written about intimate interactions at workplace and you may ask human resource personnel for additional information. Your employer might also provide you with information on how to deal with undesirable advances in friendships in the office.

Social Interactions

Being quite a social animal could sometimes be a problem for you. Usually coworkers have lunch together or see each other after work, where they get the opportunity to know each other better and deeper, and friendships develop there. If you feel a friendship is advancing to a romance, and that is totally unwanted, you should minimize such social interactions with coworker. Try to limit your activities with colleagues to work and office events only. So don’t accept after office invitations. Try to socialize with your friends who are not your colleagues Have a social life away work.

Personal Life and Work Life

You should keep your personal life separate from your work life. Personal life should be private and you must not disclose your personal issues at workplace. When you exchange details of your personal life with somebody, it creates a sense of comfort and closeness. And a close friendship is not immune to feelings, so mutual feelings may develop a romantic relationship.

Discourage Intimacy

If you find someone from your office is interested in you, you are supposed to discourage it. If you are being offered gifts and receive invitations from that particular person, you must refuse to such advances. Avoid being alone with that person. If the behavior of that person persists even when you show no interest, you must go and talk to him/her and state clearly but politely that you have no interest in such a romantic relationship and so. Later on if that behavior continues and you feel uncomfortable then you can go to the supervisor or the human resource department and report the issue, as it becomes the case of workplace harassment.

Workplace romance affects your work life in many ways, but sometimes you can’t deny your feelings. If you have such strong feelings for your colleague, you have to hide them at workplace. Keep your personal life and work life separate, do not publically show your intimacy.

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