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Ten Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Abusive relationship can be a form of domestic violence or some other sort of torture which includes mental and physical torture both. There is usually some fault at our side too as we are unwilling to go ahead and see the real facts regarding an abusive relationship due to the fear of losing that special someone. However, that is the worst we can do to ourselves and keeping on going with an abusive relationship is really silly. Here are ten signs of an abusive relationship that will help you tackle through the situation and decide what is best for you.

1) You are the doormat: If you are the doormat then definitely this is an abusive relationship as you are giving him the right to put you in scrutiny. Never ever try to give him the vibe that you are less in any way and will put up with whatever behavior he shows to you.
2) Hiding stuff: if he is trying to hide stuff from you and likes to stay isolated then there is a great chance of you being stuck in an abusive relationship with him. He is not giving you the proper time and this leads to the point three of having an abusive relationship.
3) Keeping a check: if he is keeping an unnecessary check on you, this is definitely an alarming situation for you and your warning bells should start ringing. This check might be known as “being possessive” but it might lead you to a very bad spot, stop this kind of abusive relationship right away.
4) Expecting too much: If your partner is expecting a bit too much from you then you first need to know that this is a bad stage of his abusive relationship with you. Try to make him realize this is wrong as you are a human and cannot come up to all of his expectations.
5) Blaming you for everything: always remember the worst kind of an abusive relationship is when your partner starts to blame you for anything that happens wrong around you guys. He needs to make it very clear in his head that you are definitely not the only one who makes mistakes. This might lead to some violence and to avoid such an abusive relationship consult and seek help as soon as you can.
6) Too much fantasy: he might seem too good to be true and you need to clear your mind from all such crazy thoughts as this is life and not a fairytale. It is all about give and take and if you show him that you are overwhelmed at whatever he does then you are just giving yourself away to him. Do not do that as you are giving way to an abusive relationship all by yourself.
7) Stopping you from meeting friends and family: The most common story in an abusive relationship is when he orders you to stop meeting your friends and family or any other person that you like to meet. This is more of a mental disorder as this kind of a guy prefers isolation for you. This is a highly abusive relationship and might disturb you a lot.
8) Too many questions: if he is asking too many questions it is a clear sign of an abusive relationship and also of the fact that he wants to interrogate you. Too many questions are not a sign of care and responsibility but the usually mean a dominating partner who gets you into the trap of an abusive relationship.
9) Hitting you: yes, that is the highest stage of an abusive relationship and you really need to get out of this mess as soon as possible. Get help and make people know about this abusive relationship. You just cannot keep on having an abusive relationship with a mentally disabled person.
10) Insulting you publically: abusers usually find it really amusing to insult their partner in public and degrading them in front of family and especially friends. This can be highly hurting and it is a common sign of an abusive relationship.

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