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Family and Culture strengthening the family ties

Just like any relationships, building a strong relationship in family especially between parent and a child is very important as it helps in shaping the personality of parent. Here are simple ways for maintaining the family bonds.

  • Say, ‘I Love You:’ Tell your child, sibling or hubby, “I love you” even on trying days or after a family disagreement.
  • Teach your Faith: Teach your kids about your faith and family traditions. Allow him or her to ask as many questions and reply them honestly.
  • Chose a code: Create a special code name that you can use between each other and as a reinforcement of your love especially in difficult situations.
  • Develop a bedtime ritual and let your child help you: Read a bedtime story or share your family memories that will be remembered by children. Allow him or her to wash the dinner plates, carry groceries or ask their choices when buying shoes or clothes.
  • Play and have meals with them: Play balls, sing and dance with children and do whatever which involves, ‘you.’ Turn the TV off and unite the family for dinner. It will help in inculcating nice family values among children.
  • One-On-One Opportunities and respect their choice: Some parents have special nights or days fixed for the kids. It can be a visit to a zoo or a movie plan etc. Secondly, respect their choices whether they like to wear red shirt or pink socks.
  • First priority: Always let them know that they are your ‘first priority’ in life. Otherwise, they can experience excessive stress and frustration.

We all know that parenting is a tough job, and maintaining close relationships in family is necessary.  This is achievable through open communication, so share your views, ideas, opinions and opportunities with your kids. Follow these keys of a perfect family life and soon you will see your children grow into confident young individuals. Now, is the time to take advantage of family blessings, make your young ones smile and be with them!

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