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Get that spark back in your relationship!

The bells eventually die out and only sincerity remains in a relationship, if at all. It’s easy to fall in and out of love but you might find it hard to stay committed. Relationships have that “spark” in the initial stages which keeps the whole thing lovey dovey and interesting but in the end; healthy relationships need something much more than that.

As a relationship moves on, people start facing challenges. While some of them work hard to eliminate their relationship problems, others simply give up. Some people even develop a scared attitude towards relationships just because they are afraid to be committed and be faced by its challenges.

For healthy relationships, you really need to know the person on the emotional level.  Fights always do make their way into the relationship and you need to make a genuine effort to understand the cause of the recurring fights and find out a way to resolve them rather than brood over why your relationship is not the same as before.

There can be several reasons for fights; maybe you are not giving the other person enough time, maybe there is a communication gap between the two of you. For healthy relationships, it is important to TALK, and let your emotions out rather than boil in misery. Expressing your feelings can keep the love alive and can help clear up misunderstandings.  Silence, when used at the wrong time and for a very long time, can lead to a fiasco.

Another golden rule in a relationship is to always keep in mind that “nothing is perfect”. The home you live in is not perfect, it’s not what you EXACTLY want and it might not be your dream home either.  The car you drive is not perfect; the food you eat is not perfect, so how can a human being be devoid of flaws?
Your partner cannot be perfect in every way. Remember that you are not perfect either and so you should overlook the imperfections on the other side as well.

Relationship problems can also be avoided by doing little simple things to keep that spark alive in healthy relationships. Bringing a bunch of flowers home when you come back from office, cooking his favorite food for dinner, wearing good clothes for each other can act as a relationship help. Saying a simple “I Love You” can do wonders sometimes.

Relationships advice are infinite and it wouldn’t be a tough job to write about all of them, but relationship tips can only be useful when implemented in your real life. Eliminating relationship problems might seem like hard and worthless but once they are eliminated, you surely will get that “spark” back.

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