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Top 10 Reasons for Divorce

Marriage is the most important occasion of a girl’s and a boy’s life. It is the new start of life with your life partner and your further life and future depends on what sort of relation you have with your partner. If both of you are cooperative, caring and loving each other than you will definitely lead a happily married life but if the situation is opposite than unfortunately it will result in divorce. It is a fact that no marriage is problem-free. Every couple has some conflicts but it is better to solve all problems with discussion and cooperation. This can save your relation for the whole of your life. Some couples do not know how to deal with problems and that’s why their relation ends up in divorce. Some of the frequently sited reasons of divorce are:

1. High expectations: Many couples have high expectations form their partner before marriage. At times, the marriage is opposite to what you expected. The partner does not do all the things what the other partner want him/her to do and as a result, the conflict between the two took birth and grows up till the breakup or divorce.

2. Lack of communication: It has been seen that many couples lack communication between them. Communication is the most important element of any relation without which no relationship can be effective. When the partners do not communicate with each other than it will create distance between them and will result in divorce afterwards.

3. Financial Issues: Financial problems are sometimes, became the main cause of your separation. Financial pressure can create discomfort in your life and physical, psychological and emotional abuse come in different forms. This can ruin your relation ending up in divorce.

4. Cheating: Cheating in relation can not be tolerated by any partner. Cheating in relation can make you do all the things that can create distance between any couple. Trust is the base of any relation and if it breaks than there will leave nothing and the relation ends in divorce.

5. Sexual incompatibility: Sexual incompatibility among couples is very harmful for their relation that at times, leads the relation towards divorce. Sexual dissatisfaction creates distances and fights between couples and than became the reason of separation and divorce.

6. Low tolerance: Some couples do not tolerate their partner and exhibit low level of tolerance in their relation. When both partners stay rigid in their outlook than it will definitely end in divorce.

7. Lack of physical attraction: Some couples lose their desire of become physically attractive after marriage. They thought that now we are married so there is no need to become beauty conscious. This thinking came to their mind due to over familiarity with their partner which is totally wrong and so became the reason of divorce at times.

8. Monsters in law: One of the major reasons of divorce is the interference of in laws in couple’s personal life. A couple should display loyalty for each other and not to the extended family. The interference of in laws can ruin your relation if your partner’s loyalty is favored on his or her family.

9. Physical and emotional abuse: Any kind of abuse physical, mental or emotional can be destructive for your relation equally. Divorce is imperative in this case as to save yourself and your children. Physical abuse like beating is one of the dangerous forms of abuse that no spouse could tolerate for a long time and hence demand for divorce.

10. Addiction problems: Addiction of alcohol and other drugs not only ruins a person’s physical health but his whole life as well. This is one of the non tolerable factors in any marriage that can wreck the whole relation. A person if refuse to surrender this addiction can not fully function as a life partner that can cause many problems and depression to the family and all these problems end up in no other thing but divorce.

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