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Holiday Health care tips and Advice

Holiday Health CareWhether you are honeymooning or planning a vacation with your family or friends, these health care tips will help you stay safe for your travels.

A free health tip for your travels is washing your hands! Sounds simple? Yet, so often we become complacent. Our health tip is to keep an antibacterial hand cleanser in your bag at all times and even wipes are good. Clean hands prevent you from spreading germs and catching them.

Another important health tip when planning your holiday is to get vaccinated. Injections may not be top on anyone’s list of things to get done but this health tip will help you be safe rather than sorry. Health holiday tips should include a check on online health tips for your destination and a pre-journey visit to your GP to check if there are any vaccinations you would need.

Online health tips always recommend being cautious when drinking water abroad. Be careful when you drink water at restaurants, clubs, hotels, bars and beaches etc. Our best health tip is to only drink bottled water, making sure the bottle is closed prior to pouring. This free health tip should help prevent an upset stomach amongst other illnesses.

As a general yet important health tip, always take out Travel Insurance. The policy will cover you for any health / medical expenses that you incur should you become ill and require hospitalization.

Health care tips should be in place in case of stings and bites abroad. Use our health care tips and beware that most bites occur in the evening so extra vigilance is necessary after sunset. If you get bitten our health tip advice is to use Ibuprofen Gel, for pain and swelling from insect bites and sting. Other health care tips and products include Hydrocortisone cream 1% which has anti-inflammatory effects.

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