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Matters of Love

It’s a natural instinct of all humans that they attracted toward the opposite sex and love to enjoy the feeling of being in love.

Most of us live with a fallacy that there is someone in this world destined to be ours, that may be a result of so much influence by the films we watch or the stories we read or hear around. Being in love is beautiful feeling that involves many aspects with care and trust being the most important. But the most difficult thing you need to answer before starting a relationship is; are you really in love or it’s just an obsession.

In fact after being in a relationship with someone for a long time, many of us still think that they are not lucky enough to find their soul mate. That’s why breaking up and moving forward with another one is quite normal for most of us.

We are inadvertently looking for love that we read in fairy tales, in others word, love at first sight. It is because of lack of social skills that leads us in making choices based on our wrapped and insufficient information about these relationships. We love to say that ‘love is blind’ but we don’t want to be blind when it comes to the flaws that can be simply ignored to have a healthy relationship. Hogwash!

Before going into a relationship we need to understand that love is beautiful, giving and trusting action between two people. A word that is monopolized by the marketing companies who relate this word with heart shaped candies and fluffy teddy bears to keep our heads in the cloud and spark their business.

Love is beautiful feeling that will not bring fear or worries of desertion rather it will certainly engender a feeling of peace and trust in your relationship. You just need to believe that yes; there is someone in this world made for you. But that someone will find you equally attractive just the way you are accept you with all your flaws and vivacity.

When you are in a relationship, you must give it time and always reconsider your decision before moving forward. After all it’s not just a film story, it’s your life.

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