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5 Tips to Help You Find Your Personal Wedding Style

Preparing your wedding isn’t any question among the most thrilling and greatest tasks you’ll actually undertake. Nevertheless, with a lot of particulars to consider, along with designs to select from’s pure number, it may quickly become overpowering. As it pertains to getting a path for that special day, it’s essential to change towards the correct locations for motivation and fundamentally prepare a day that certainly displays your companion as well as you.

1. Let Other Weddings Inspire You

There is no better source of inspiration than other weddings, and if you’re fortunate enough to be attending one before your own big day, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some ideas. This doesn’t necessarily mean copying their color scheme or flower arrangements; rather, consider how the couple has chosen to express themselves, and how they’ve made the day personal to them. If you haven’t got any weddings in the diary, use the world of celebrity – magazines and tabloids are constantly covering Hollywood’s most glamorous nuptials. While these may not be based on quite the same budget, they should still spark some ideas in the early stages of planning.

2. Take Inspiration From Yourself

Whilst other weddings are great for generating ideas, it is crucial not to lose sight of your own personal style; what looks perfect on one bride does not necessarily suit another. Your bridal look should ultimately reflect you as a person, so put down the glossy magazines and look instead at your own wardrobe – and even your home. Despite being an unlikely source of inspiration, this is where your style truly resides. Your wedding dress is, of course, an exception from your everyday wear, but should incorporate elements of your own style nonetheless.

3. Host a Styling Night

No matter how many pictures we pore over, it’s impossible to know what really suits us without trying it first-hand. Hosting a styling night is one of the most fun ways to experiment with different looks whilst drawing on your nearest and dearest for ideas. Ask your closest friends to each come up with a theme – be it bohemian, glam or vintage – and spend the evening together creating each look with different hair and makeup styles. Take pictures of each look and use a Wedding Dress Studio app to virtually try on matching dresses. Even if you can’t settle on one theme, you will at least get an idea of the styles that suit you whilst ruling out those that don’t.

4. Gather Your Thoughts

From theme to venue to color scheme, the possibilities are endless, and staying on track is no mean feat. As a bride-to-be, you will no doubt find yourself flitting from one idea to the next, and back again. In order to stay focused, it’s essential to gather your thoughts and ideas as logically as possible, and an effective way of doing this is to create a scrapbook. Alternatively, if you feel more at home on the computer, you may wish to create your own virtual “look book.” Simply pick a domain name, set up a blog and document your journey online. For beginners to this kind of thing, it’s best to start with a domain check tool such as this one, to see if the name you want is available. Even if you prefer not to share it with anyone, the act of blogging in itself is an effective way to gain clarity and logic in the somewhat chaotic world of wedding planning.

5. Conceptualized As a Couple

It’s easy to get consumed by aesthetics and décor, and while this is all part of the fun, it’s essential to stay focused on the bigger picture. Your wedding day is about you and your partner, and should reflect each of your personalities as well as your life as a couple, so get together and ponder. Spend a day doing something you both love, be it an outdoor adventure or a romantic spa day, and use this as the basis for the big event.

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